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Society and environment

Atlas Copco has an impact on a number of local communities, contributing to economic and social development, and has accordingly a responsibility to manage its business in an environmentally sound manner.

Atlas Copco China - Sunshine School - kids with Atlas Copco T-shirt and balloon
Atlas Copco companies have a long history of local engagement in the societies where they operate.

Besides supporting local charity projects, the Group’s Community Engagement and Charity Policy also encourages companies to provide support in the case of natural and humanitarian disasters. The policy acknowledges the value of supporting employee-led initiatives, by following the principle that Group companies shall seek to match financial donations made by employees, with company funds.

The local charity initiatives selected and supported by local companies, chiefly focus on three areas: providing education, providing a safe upbringing for children, and fighting disease. Atlas Copco companies support schools or universities to raise the educational level and help orphanages to give the children a safe environment to grow up in.

All local charity activities should provide support over a medium or long-term period, except in the case of support following natural and humanitarian disasters, which can be provided on a short-term basis.

AC Sunshine School AC Sunshine School
One year after the 2008 May 12th earthquake in Sichuan, the re-construction of an Atlas Copco sponsored school in Xichang, was completed. The old school, built in 1995, was damaged in the 2008 earthquake. Atlas Copco decided to contribute to the re-construction of a new, better & safer, school. Money donated by Atlas Copco employees in China, equally matched by the company itself, was handed over to the Josephine Charles Foundation in December 2008.
Water for all - in focus box Water for All
Founded in 1984 by Atlas Copco employees in Sweden, the organization is devoted to the motto "clean drinking water is a human right" and raises money to support projects that give people in need access to safe, clean drinking water. Today, we have local Water for All organizations in many countries, all managed by Atlas Copco employees.

In Focus

  • Sustainable Constructions

    Atlas Copco has since 2011 a goal to construct new buildings according to a sustainable building standard such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or comparable Sustainable building criteria.