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AC Sunshine School

One year after the 2008 May 12th earthquake in Sichuan, the re-construction of an Atlas Copco sponsored school in Xichang, was completed.

AC Sunshine School

The old school, built in 1995, was damaged in the 2008 earthquake. As it was considered privately owned, the local government didn’t provide any financial support to rebuild the school.

Instead, Atlas Copco decided to contribute to the re-construction of a new, better & safer, school. Money donated by Atlas Copco employees in China, equally matched by the company itself, was handed over to the Josephine Charles Foundation in December 2008.

Only 5 months later the new school was ready. It has been moved away from the nearby river to prevent the risk of being flooded and is designed to withstand earthquakes up to 8 on the Richter magnitude scale, enough for this earthquake prone area. The two storied structure covers 600m² and contains seven classrooms, one library, one staff room, toilets, a 400m2 paved playground, water pipes and drainage system, trees and a small garden surrounded by a high brick wall.

During the construction Atlas Copco held an internal competition trying to decide the name of the new school. Lots of employees submitted their ideas and finally the name "AC Sunshine School" was chosen. The two Chinese characters that make up AC mean "love & sunshine", a name that embodies our staff’s hopes of helping the children in the Xichang area to get a better life.

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