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A good start for youngsters


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AC sunshine school - Playing festive Yi Clan dance
He collected ideas from 14 general managers of Atlas Copco's sub-companies. One of them, Edward Jones, recommended the Josephine Charles Foundation to him.

As a registered charity in England, Wales and Hong Kong and listed as a company in Australia, the Josephine Charles Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged children, especially girls, by providing sustainable projects focusing on education.

The foundation believes the welfare of children is of paramount importance and through a scholarship fund it maintains the health, social, emotional and academic welfare of 100 Chinese children it sponsors currently.

One of the funded students, Yang Mei, was the first girl from her village to receive a university education. She received a master's degree this summer, majoring in English.

"When I met the founder, Josephine Charles, a trained psychotherapist and counselor from London, she told me that the foundation need a sum of money for a special program," said Gyllo.

"At that time, our foundation had already funded the construction of eight schools in the Liangshan Yi habitat and Tibetan autonomous regions in Sichuan province. We didn't want to construct so many schools, but to focus on maintaining a good relationship with the students, headmaster and local community, providing valuable assistance and support," said Charles.

However, she told China Daily that Bu Ha, the headmaster of AC Sunshine School and from the Yi ethnic group, impressed and moved her. (For more stories about Bu Ha, please click here.)

"When visiting the village, I was deeply impressed by both Bu Ha and what he has accomplished. He then had nearly 400 students and six teachers at his ramshackle school," said Charles.

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