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A good start for youngsters


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AC sunshine school - Exciting to put on new school uniform
There was no glass in most of the windows, and the doors were mainly nailed together planks of wood. Many of the desks were in a poor state of repair and the rest were just sheets of wood propped up on bricks.

"Although the village has now become a legal entity, the status of the school is that of a private enterprise and it does not receive any form of assistance from the education department of Mianning county," said Charles. "Bu Ha need urgent help."

Her idea was supported by Atlas Copco , who immediately provided a 560,000 yuan donation in cash for the construction of a new AC Sunshine School. Later, the company donated another 50,000 yuan to build a playground.

With the help of the Jo Charles Foundation and Atlas Copco, Bu Ha managed to build a new school with seven classrooms, one library, one staff room, toilets etc. The two-story school building is now the best structure in the community.
"We don’t want to make our company look good just with a long list of charity schools we have funded. We prefer to provide focused sustainable help to AC Sunshine School, the students there and the villagers," said Gyllo.
When he visited the school, he found that a basic washbasin in the playground was leaking. He told Bu Ha that he would talk to his colleagues when he got back to Shanghai on providing a new washbasin as soon as possible.
He promised Bu Ha and the villagers that Atlas Copco would continue to support education for students on a scholarship basis when they graduated from AC Sunshine School until they enter university to apply for masters degrees or even doctorates.
During his visit, Gyllo also found that the biggest challenge for children in remote area with no access to schools is a lack of teachers, a well-respected profession but one that commands a poor salary.
"So we are investigating not only providing scholarships for some students, but also for teachers to show our great appreciation for what they have done as well as to encourage and support their future efforts in education in poor regions," said Gyllo.

Reference Source: China Daily

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