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Survey for Rural Yi Primary School


All external financial aid may provide a temporary relief but not an once-for-all solution. It is not a problem exclusive to AC Sunshine School in Hahaheba. There are the burning issues to be solved about how to keep these precious teaching resources for the poverty-stricken mountain area, and how to establish an effective system which may provide a comfortable life and a mental solace for the teachers.

AC Sunshine School - Magnus Gyllo and Bu Ha

It is the early summer and the sun is burning severely. On the campus of AC Sunshine School in Hahaheba of Mianning County, Liang Shan, Sichuan Province, we can see the flying flag, clean and the new two-story school building which can be considered as the best architecture among the villages nearby.

Standing among the children is Luowu Buha, the headmaster. He is not very tall and rubbing his hands with a smile on his darkish complexion. It is on this day that Magnus Gyllo, vice-president of Atlas Copco (China) Investment Co., Ltd. comes to donate the necessities to the school such as school bags and books. The students are excited but shy, lining up by classes to receive the gifts.

As the only rural private primary school in Mianning County, the existence and development of AC Sunshine School is as good as a example of development for local rural education. AC Sunshine School has plenty of school-running experience for us to learn.

“Excluded Household” in the “Excluded Village”

“What actually attracts me is Luowu Buha himself. What he has done for the community is a miracle.” commented by Josephine Charles, the founder of Australian Charles Foundation that provides financial support to AC Sunshine School.

Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, located on the boarder of Sichuan Province and Yunnan Province, has a largest population of Yi inhabitants. Back to the days when the Red Army passed here during 25,000-li long march, Liu Bocheng, the commander of Red Army’s advance force and Xiaoye Dan, the Yi leader “swore the blood as a sign of oath” by the Yihai Lake which has become a popular story since then. However due to its challenging natural environment, disasters such as earthquake, hail storm and debris flow struck frequently that has resulted in a pessimistic educational condition. One figure might illustrate the problem: there are 10 state-level poverty-stricken counties out of 17 counties in Liangshan where the enrollment rate of girls is less than 10%.

The situation Luowu Buha has confronted with is even worse because his native village, Hahaheba, is 20 kilometers away from the county. It is simply called by the local people as “Excluded Village”.

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