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Survey for Rural Yi Primary School


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After a thousand times’ dissuasion, his mother threatened him with death, trying every effort to prevent him from doing so. “This was what I had never expected, and I had no preparation for it. And that time, I really understood what the word ‘helpless’ means.” Luowu Buha recalled the experience and said that once he had thought about giving up.

Afterwards, his mother suffered severe illness again, and the medical expenses left the family impoverished. Misfortunes never came alone. He lost his grandfather and maternal grandfather, leaving him at a loss, lonely and helpless. But ideal was like the glittering stars, up high in the sky. Next day, when he saw school-aged children waiting on time at the school gate, he knew exactly that he must carry on.

AC sunshine school,  teachers’ office - "Dogged willpower can conquer any peak in the world -- by Dickens"
How did the miracle happen?

One scene engraved in his heart happened in 1996. It was a cold autumn day. The wind blowing ruthlessly and it got colder, and when he was having a lesson, a sudden rain came, the rain dropped onto the books, which made it impossible to do exercises. And the children were shivering because of the cold wind which went through the broken walls. At that time, he asked the students to sing a song. The voice mixed with the wind wafted in the air. However, the downpour forced him to ask children to pick up waste plastic films and corn stalks, which might help them shelter the wind and the rain.

His tears ran down when seeing the children rush here and there in the rain.

And at that time, the village teacher led an embarrassed life. Later all parents in Hahaheba held a meeting, where villagers put the heavy corns of thirty catties in his hands. Moreover, parents and villagers, with tears in their eyes, sent the twenty-to-thirty-catty corns and potatoes saved from their subsistence food to his home.

The primary school had no so-called teaching skills and methods, therefore, he, bringing some food, went to the city to attend other teachers’ lessons and seek teaching materials. By selling corns, he could afford the books. This village primary school, crowded as it was, survived by self-supplying, in which three classes had lessons in turn, repeatedly acquiring the knowledge.

On July 15, 1998, the school founded by him witnessed a good news that ten children were admitted to the Nationality Primary School that year, with a top score of 205. It brought excitement to him, who meditated, and burst into tears lying on the desk. They are the first gradates in his school and now three of them are studying in universities, one works as a doctor and the others are working outside.

In the past over 10 years, his family never increased one tilt or brick, and he still lived in the house of brick panels. Meanwhile, the development of the school was hindered by the tough financial state. Furthermore, since 1999 the parents of neighboring villages learned its teaching achievements and sent their children there, the number of the students reached over one hundred overnight. The school, though unknown to people in the past, had to expand. The school borrowed bricks and tilts while students and their parents strived to find a desolate land where a school was built with seven unfurnished classrooms in an area of two hundred square meters. After the expansion, the school recruited another two teachers. By 2004, the number of the students increased to 320, while that of teachers reached 8.

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