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Survey for Rural Yi Primary School


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AC sunshine school - Capacious & bright new classroom, brand-new desks & chairs
Then in 2008, she visited the primary school. Her decision to aid it was made after she was moved by the stories of Luowu Buha. “What actually attracts me is Luowu Buha himself and he is the legend.” From then on, the Foundation began to raise money for the school’s project.

With the efforts and coordination of Liangshan Educational Foundation, Charles Foundation decided to support the restoration of the school. The name of the school was changed to AC Sunshine Primary School and would continue its financial aid to its construction.

“Our budget for the construction was RMB 1.12 million. As after the Wenchuan devastating earthquake, many donated money to the hit area and due to the economic crisis it got really hard for us to raise money. But we had to honor our commitment. And Atlas Copco came to our rescue. We managed to buy the land and build the school, an accomplishment celebrated by all the villagers. The Foundation ensured every penny of the money would be used properly.” Su Nan, a commissioner of the Foundation at Xi Chang, Liangshan, said.

Atlas Copco acquired the understanding of the school from the Foundation as well. As a global leading provider of industrial productivity solutions, Atlas Copco has a global reach spanning more than 170 countries, with its headquarter based at Stockholm, Sweden.

Magnus Gyllo recalled that when the company began to look for charity program, the general managers of its 14 branches were asked to collect information. In the winter of 2007, a general manager took his daughter to pick out Christmas present at Hongqiao Market in Beijing. It was so cold that the girl wanted to buy a scarf when they noticed the introduction of Charles Foundation and its programs at a charity sale booth beside the stand selling scarf, and he began to attach importance to the project of the primary school, to which Atlas Copco donated 560 thousand RMB. And he explained that it was just a beginning.

“We hope to focus on the education of the children living in impoverished regions. The project I think enables them to have an access to education and change their fate. Meanwhile, our employees may witness the progress of the project and find some problems with their eyes.” he said.


On April 18th 2009, Hahaheba AC Sunshine School held its inauguration ceremony. There were 375 students and 8 teachers. The year before, the State exempted the miscellaneous fees for the compulsory education and each child could get RMB 200 allowance, and AC Sunshine School was on the list too. “This allowance covers the daily expense of the school and is used for teachers’ salary.” Luowu Buha said, and what makes him extremely worried is that currently monthly pay for each teacher is only RMB 700 - 800, and when summer and winter holidays come, the teachers will be out of payment, they can only go to do some odd jobs or do some farm work. Besides, they do not have any pension or insurance. “How to let our teachers do the teaching with an assured mind is the urgent problem that needs to be solved at the moment.” Luowu Buha said with great anxiety.

34-year-old Luowu Buha has three sons, among which, the oldest is 8 years old and the youngest is 1 year old. His wife is a farmer. His family planted 4 acres of corns and raised two sows, “it is for changing for some money,” and plus his payment which equals to the money for a meal for the urban citizens, he has to support the whole family. Besides to the teaching, Luowu Buha spends all his time in the field doing farm work. He is worried that his children will go to high school and universities one day which will cost a fortune, how could he afford it? “I am just an ordinary farmer.” he said.

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