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Survey for Rural Yi Primary School


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As a matter of fact, going or staying is the problem not only faced by the village teachers, but also the teachers in other provinces such as village substitute teachers who have been working in poor mountain areas for many years. Their situations basically are, ”Being a teacher when holding a pointer and being a farmer when putting down a pointer.” Their future is full of uncertainty, just like the candle in the wind.

And each of the following teachers of AC Sunshine School has its own unfortunate experience. The reason they choose to pick up the pointer is to hope the children back home can break away from being illiterate which is the fate of their fathers’:

Teacher Ji Zhengming: When he was about to graduate from Mianning High school in 1994, his parents passed away in 7 days apart, as a result, he could not continue his study anymore. Aged 34, he has been teaching for 14 years. He has four children, and the biggest one now is at Grade Five, and the youngest is only three years old. His wife is a farmer, so after teaching, teacher Ji has to work on his 5 acres’ corn field from dawn to dusk, “What we are doing now is to hope those children will not get on their parental roads.” He said that probably he would carry on for 8 to 10 years, “I have made too much effort for the kids, and I don’t want to leave the teacher’s platform.”

24-year-old teacher Feng Yuanxin: His parents got hurt from working in the mountain and he was forced to drop off from school due to the high medical fees.

26-year-old teacher Wang Haifeng: His father passed away when he was very young and his mother alone supported his study. Hence, he has to try to find a job with higher payment to pay off the family’s debt.

20-year-old teacher Wu Jun: He graduated from Normal School and has two younger sisters who are still at school.

30-year-old teacher Mi Jian: He may be the teacher with the highest education degree among all. He is a graduate from university and his major is Yi language.

Teacher Shen Xiu: She is the only female teacher in the school. Her father passed away in a car accident when she was in middle school and her three younger brothers were all dependent on her mother. She finally got herself admitted into Liangshan Normal School for Nationalities because of her excellent scores. But her mother passed away in an accident at that time, she has to raise up all three younger brothers since then. Two of them now have their own families, but this 27-year-old female teacher is still single.

Teacher Hu Jianhua: He experienced couples of exam failures and his father was a public teacher who has retired, but now is paralyzed and cannot do normal work, leaving all the family trifles to his mother. At the age of 30, teacher Hu can be accounted as a single youth above the normal matrimonial age in the local place and what worries his parents most is his marriage, “It is very hard to find a girl to marry me if I stay in such condition.” he is aware of it.

They give much weight to the dignity as a teacher in their heart, however, they are just at complete loss when talking about the future.

“It is my hope that all these students will be able to walk out of the mountain and get an access to universities. It will give me a sense of achievement. Many parents specifically send their children here, which also gives me a sense of achievement. In the course that I have gone through, there are many warm hearted persons who are trying to help me. This gives me a strong motivation. I feel that I should keep moving on with this.” Luowu Buha talked to the reporter.

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