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Survey for Rural Yi Primary School


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AC Sunshine School - Going crazy with Atlas Copco staff
It is not difficult to find that in Liangshan, Yi children at lower grades are still used to using Yi language when they are playing. The local educators know very well that if they can keep some of the local youth to stay and teach, bilingual teaching will be able to realize. But what worries Ahumuxia, the supervisor of Liangshan Educational Foundation most is, “Whether the youth can stay? How to let them teach in the local place without any an reassured mind? There are many reasons in different aspects, for example, the monthly payment of each teacher is very low, and they have no insurance, furthermore, the local condition is very hard, and according to the current system that it would be impossible for them to change to private teachers even in the future…”

Having been working for education reconstruction projects for more than a decade, Ahumuxia is very frankly that the condition of AC Sunshine School is pretty good, “After all, it has gained the attention from the outside and it is the village primary school in Yi area of Liangshan that has the most complete educational support in the aspects of capital, human resources and materials.” But what can not be neglected is that there are remoter mountain areas in Liangshan. It is a common scene that children have to postpone their enrollment time until 10 years old because of long–distance and lack of primary school in the village.

All external financial aid may provide a temporary relief but not an once-for-all solution. It is not a problem exclusive to AC Sunshine School in Hahaheba. There are the burning issues to be solved about how to keep these precious teaching resources for the poverty-stricken mountain area, and how to establish an effective system which may provide a comfortable life and a mental solace for the teachers.

Reference Source: Xinmin Weekly - Issue 21, 2011

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