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Atlas Copco provides energy saving technology

As a world leader in the compressor industry, Atlas Copco has strong research and development competence, and also a keen insight into every technology innovation and development trend around the world.

Carbon zero Energy recovery schematic
With the energy crisis in mind, Atlas Copco launched the world’s first VSD (Variable Speed Drive) air compressor in 1994. Through continuous improvement, Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors have been successfully used in all kind of industries all over the world.
Compared with other compressors, Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors have been confirmed to be able to reduce energy consumption by up to 35%. Its core technology is not just about adding a VSD solution to a standard compressor, but a total special and optimized design for screw elements, motor, drive system, advanced operating method, shielded cable, fan control etc. The operating range of Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors are 20-100%, most series can be regulated to 15%.
All the Atlas Copco screw compressors, including VSD compressors, can be equipped with a heat recovery system. Heat from compression can be recovered and put to good use in pre-heating of boiler feed water, heating of buildings etc. 75% energy can be recovered by the system.
“In most industrial conditions Atlas Copco’s Carbon Zero range will recover 90% to 95% of the electrical energy“
Atlas Copco has introduced VSD technology to GA series oil injected screw compressors from 7kW to 315kW and ZT/ZR oil free screw compressors from 37kW to 900kW.

To view the "Atlas Copco cares about energy saving technology" video, please check below link Classroom video.