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Application stories

Below are examples of how Atlas Copco's energy saving solutions have helped companies in China to reduce energy consumption and improve productivity.

The application of ZA low-pressure oil-free air compressors in pharmaceutical fermentation
As the global leading air compressor provider, Atlas Copco offers full range of low-pressure oil-free compressed air solutions.Normally, compressed air with pressure ranged between 1.5 ~ 4barG is defined as low-pressure, which acts as the crucial power source in wide industry processes, especially for pharmaceutical fermentation.
Atlas Copco China - Panasonic factory Atlas Copco Helps Shanghai Panasonic to Achieve Valuable Energy Savings
Shanghai Panasonic PDP Co. Ltd. is one of the world’s leading color plasma display panel (PDP) producers.
Atlas Copco China - Baosteel Atlas Copco Helps Baosteel to Lower Operational Cost
Baosteel Group is one of the most competitive iron and steel enterprises in China, and is also one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. As an important part of Baosteel’s iron & steel production business, Baosteel Shanghai Stainless Steel Plant produces over one million tons of stainless steel products.
Energy Saving - A New Focus in Productivity Competition
For a large leading home appliances manufacturer such as Qingdao Haier, almost every production line has to work stably without stop for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; otherwise it will bring about inestimable economic losses to the enterprise.
Atlas Copco Compressor ZR315VSDFF installed at Nestle China Meeting China's growing demand for PET bottles
Meeting this increasing beverage demand in China is essential for Nestlé Pure Life mineral water which produces 72 million bottles in per year at its two facilities in Shanghai and Northern China. With demand for products from all over the country, maintaining uninterrupted production is critical.
Atlas Copco China STATSChipPAC 2011 STATS ChipPAC Shanghai Heat Recovery Project
 The STATS ChipPAC Shanghai Heat Recovery Project, recently approved by Shanghai Energy Saving Center, will help customers save 2.5 million RMB a year, resulting in a saving of 611 tons of standard coal a year and a reduction of 460 tons of CO2 emission.
Atlas Copco China Application story_Mitsubishi Electric 2011 Atlas Copco Helps Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) to Achieve Valuable Energy Savings
Mitsubishi Electric (GuangZhou) Compressor Co. Ltd. is committed to production and sales of highly effective, low noise and excellent performance air compressors. The company is using 10 air compressors provided by Atlas Copco.

Changzhou East Textile — Energy Recovery at Work
Changzhou East Textile Co., Ltd. in the Jiangsu province of China is with more than 1000 employees a large company, even to Chinese standards. To keep its large-scale production running, East Textile has more than 10 Atlas Copco compressor units installed.
Atlas Copco Construction and Mining Technique China ER application 2011 ER Application in FAW JIEFANG Qingdao Auto Factory
As a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW JIEFANG Automotive Co., Ltd., the FAW JIEFANG Qingdao Auto Factory is a large-scale state-owned enterprise that has been responding actively to the country’s appeal in energy saving and emission reduction.
Atlas Copco China Shangmei application 2011 Air compressor Heat Recovery Application in Shangmei International
As a subsidiary of the L'Oreal Group in China, Suzhou Shangmei International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale cosmetics factory located in the Suzhou Industrial Park.
Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air provides Nestle with High-quality Source of Power! Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air provides Nestle with High-quality Source of Power!
As the largest food and beverage company in the world, Nestle Group, with a history of more than 140 years, has been practicing the ideas and principles set up by its predecessors, providing consumers of today and tomorrow with “quality foods and better life” by its people-oriented and product-focused stance at the frontline of the global nutrition and health industry and by satisfying global consumers’ pursuit for delicacy, nutrition, health and happiness.
Atlas Copco China - Helps Hareon Solar Realize Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Production with Innovated Technology Atlas Copco Helps Hareon Solar Realize Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Production with Innovated Technology
Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Hareon Solar”) is one of the largest enterprises of monocrystalline silicon solar cells in China. Since its establishment in 2004, Hareon Solar has witnessed rapid growth of its major business. It is specialized in producing mono silicon stick/multi cast ingots, and wafer cutting in the upstream of the photovoltaic industry. Now, Hareon Solar has established business relationship with customers and suppliers around the world, making it possible for Hareon Solar to make tremendous contributions to the global undertaking of the clean energy.
Sifang Research Institution Steady & Reliable High-efficient Energy Saving Guaranteed: Atlas Copco Helping Sifang Research Institution for Environmental Protection & Energy Saving
Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute Co., Ltd. belongs to China CNR Limited Liability Company that is an important supplier for key systematic technologies and products for rail automobiles in China. With the rapid development in high speed railway building in our country, Sifang Research Institution has been actively joining introduction, digestion, absorption and re-creation of key technologies of high-speed trains with its core technologies having reached the domestically leading and internationally advanced level.
Shanghai Kao has purchased five Atlas Copco’s oil-free screw compressors. Helping Environmental Protection in Daily Chemicals with All-Around Solution for Compressed Oil Free Air
Atlas Copco Help Kao Realize Safe, High-efficient & Energy-saving Production: As the largest company for daily chemicals in Japan, Kao Group has been devoted to environmental protection and implements this throughout the process of development and production of commodities that also carries out strict implementation in China and other regions worldwide.
Liquid Helium Storage Tunk Atlas Copco and Linde Gas work together to provide helium solutions
As a market leader in high-pressure systems, GREENFIELD has a long-term good cooperation with the global well-known providers of industrial gases so as to perfect gas solutions. Linde Industrial Gases Group is one of the most important customers of Atlas Copco.
Atlas Copco Helping Saint-Gobain Carry out Safe and Efficient Production Atlas Copco Helping Saint-Gobain Carry out Safe and Efficient Production
Saint Gobain Group is a global leading company in the housing and construction field, and is one of the world top 100 industrial groups. The Company designs, manufactures and sells building materials, and provides innovative solutions for the growing emerging countries, as well as energy saving and environmental protection needs.