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Air compressor Heat Recovery Application in Shangmei International


As a subsidiary of the L'Oreal Group in China, Suzhou Shangmei International Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is a large-scale cosmetics factory located in the Suzhou Industrial Park.

Atlas Copco China Shangmei application 2011
As consumers’ demand for cosmetics shrinks to a certain degree in the financial crisis, Shangmei International has to reduce the production cost to alleviate the impact mainly by the means of energy saving. The hot water of 1 ton / hour at about 75 °C, as required in the production process, is heated by the stream purchased.

Through communication, Shangmei International understood that the energy consumption of air compressor accounts for 70% or more of the life-cycle cost, most of which was wasted when converted to thermal energy. If the thermal energy could be recovered to heat cold water, then the wasted energy would be fully utilized. Thus under the recommendation of Atlas Copco, Shangmei International started to pay attention to energy-saving products in terms of energy recovery, and understood the energy-saving policy in the Suzhou Industrial Park (i.e. in response to the national energy-saving and emission-reduction policy, the Suzhou Industrial Park will assess and provide financial aid to the energy-saving projects thereof to encourage the enterprises saving energy and reducing emission).

Through technical exchanges, Shangmei International understood the energy-recovery principle, working mode and modification method, and eliminated relevant doubts on energy-saving results, fault rate, impact on the air compressor performance, etc. to accept the new energy-recovery products in terms of feasibility. 

Atlas Copco China Shangmei application
Through the site survey, Atlas Copco developed a suitable energy-saving program, including detailed implementation procedures, modification method, modification cycle, auxiliary equipment modification, connection to the existing hot water system, pipe insulation and other specific matters. By calculation, a ZR75 Unit operating at full capacity to recover thermal energy through the energy recovery system can continuously provide high-quality water with annual electricity saving of RMB 336, 000.

Now ZR75ER Heat Recovery System has been installed and fully meets the expected energy-saving effects according to the measurement of electrical energy. Shangmei International is very satisfied with the simple and effective energy-saving services provided by Atlas Copco.

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