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Together we care for your business and our planet...

We turn your demands into sustainable solutions.

All around the world, companies rely on our expertise and innovations to contribute to their businesses’ growth.

We help them to cut costs and boost productivity while taking care of the environment. We supply solutions adapted to a wide range of applications around the world. We take our responsibilities seriously: towards our customers, towards our future and towards the future of the world.

Combining forces to help save our Planet

Climate change is one of the most serious environmental threats facing our planet. The Kyoto protocol today and the Copenhagen agreements in the future set the standards around the world, which means that countries and industries today face stringent targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

To reduce CO2 emissions, saving on energy is crucial

Commercial and legislative pressures to preserve the environment are driving industries to demand energy efficiency. We consider this as an opportunity. The continuous search for less energy consumption, less noise, less vibrations, less waste is part of our DNA.

Compressed air systems consume up to 10% of industrial energy consumption

Compressed air is one of the most important utilities for industry. It is also one of the largest consumers of energy. Therefore, any savings made in compressed air systems can have a significant impact on costs and on the environment.
While compressed air systems, in general, account for about 10% of total industrial electricity consumption, this can amount to as much as 40% of the electricity bill for certain production plants. In view of this, we have been innovating in energy efficient compressed air solutions for many years.

Yearly energy consumption by compressed air systems*

Open table
CountryCompressed Air Systems consumption TWh% of industrial electricity consumption
United Kingdom1010
Rest of the EU3211

Benefit your bottom line and the planet by saving energy on compressed air

We develop products which substantially reduce unit energy. By achieving these targets, you not only enhance your own green credentials, but you also improve your bottom line by reducing energy costs.