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Energy saving technology

Welcome to enter the world of Atlas Copco energy saving technology!
To view the video of Atlas Copco energy saving technology, please click below link:

Atlas Copco China - AIR Optimizer AIROptimizer
AIROptimizer™ is satisfied to improve the efficiency of the complete compressed air system, reduce its life cycle cost to the absolute minimum, and meet stringent environmental legislation.
Peter Xia - ASSEMBLAGE Energy recovery systems
Atlas Copco Energy Recovery System can recover as high as 90% of the air compressor shaft power and offer high temperature hot water which is widely used in production and domestic sector. It helps the customer to realize energy saving and discharge reduction as well as improvement of their competitiveness.
Airscan AIRScan audit
AIRScan™ is not only an accurate compressed air system diagnostics package, it’s very flexible as well. It allows the customer to select the depth of audit required on his particular compressed air network and to tightly control the budget he is willing to allocate to the audit.
GA 30 VSD.tif VSD compressors
VSD (Variable Speed Drive) technology mirrors air usage – automatically adjusting the motor speed depending on demand. Lowered system pressure minimizes energy consumption across the production to reduce energy cost.
XD 4500 ZP front view Energy savings accessories
Heat of compression dryers (HOC), use heat which is generated bin the process of compression, to dry the compressed air. Hence energy consumption in HOC dryers is much lower than for the other types.