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AIROptimizer – reducing the cost of energy

Compressed air is a vital resource in any industry...and a significant cost factor in terms of electrical energy. Atlas Copco has always developed more efficient ways to meet the industry’s compressed air needs. Now, Atlas Copco moves to the next level with AIROptimizer™.

Customers today want more than peace-of-mind. They want to continuously reduce their production costs without jeopardizing the availability of compressed air. Atlas Copco AIROptimizer™ is the total solution that meets those needs: improving the efficiency of the complete compressed air system, reducing its life cycle cost to the absolute minimum, and meeting stringent environmental legislation.

The AIROptimizer™ approach
AIROptimizer™ is a packaged solution that follows a logical sequence:
  • An on-site AIRScan™ energy and system audit, combined with a maintenance assessment.
  • An energy optimization intervention, installing control equipment that connects all compressors and dryers, and applies sophisticated algorithms to operate the complete system in the most optimal way.
  • Continuous optimum system condition when combined with AIRConnect™, a program for condition based maintenance.
  • Regular repeat AIRScan™ energy and system audits to check and reconfirm the optimum situation to the customer.
Ideally, each compressor’s full capacity is adapted exactly to the balanced consumption. In practice, the plant’s air demand varies constantly. The more this profile fluctuates, the more energy savings can be realized by sophisticated central control. The AIROptimizer™ solution links to all compressors and dryers, lowers the overall pressure band, eliminates the need for a higher working pressure and optimizes the compressor mix at every instance. The result: reduced power, reduced cost.

Atlas Copco China - Pressure band reduction
Real savings, real benefits
AIROptimizer™ tackles all areas of improvement, with tangible results that directly benefit your bottom line:

  • Reduced capital expenditure
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Lower system pressure requirements
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • Meeting environmental concerns (Kyoto)
  • Developed by Atlas Copco, your original equipment supplier
  • Integrated in cost effective Service Plan contract

Pressure band reduction
One of the most prominent benefits of the AIROptimizer™ service is the significant reduction in pressure band of the overall system.
The exact net pressure
Without AIROptimizer™, the compressors will work at higher pressure to overcome the variable pressure drop caused by dryers and filters. The accurate control by AIROptimizer™, based on exact measurements, allows the load/unload pressures to much tighter limits.

Once more, energy consumption and air net leaks are reduced and energy is saved.
The right schedule
All AIROptimizer™ controller systems have a programmable week timer built-in, which allows for different pressures at different times in the week. In this way, variations in air demand and required minimum pressure because of shifts, batches or weekends can be taken into account.

Optimum Point
Each compressor has its own specific energy versus flow characteristics. For each type of compressor – VSD or turbo – the shape and position of the optimum operating point varies significantly. The reliability, energy efficiency and longevity of a compressor will benefit greatly if it can operate within this point. AIROptimizer™ will make sure they do.

Reliable hardware/software
The AIROptimizer™ hardware is based on sophisticated computer hardware and highly intelligent software algorithms. Its central processor is proven in industrial control systems and the whole system is extremely reliable; it has no moving parts and is equipped with battery backup. But most importantly, it is field or remote upgradeable by Atlas Copco without any requirement for customer intervention.