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Energy recovery systems

Atlas Copco Energy Recovery System can recover as high as 90% of the air compressor shaft power and offer high temperature hot water which is widely used in production and domestic sector. It helps the customer to realize energy saving and discharge reduction as well as improvement of their competitiveness.

As a major energy consumer in manufacturing industry, compressor is drawing more and more attention because of its great potentials in energy saving. Analysis of the life cycle cost structure of air compressor shows that the key is the energy consumption.
  • Air compressor consumes about 30% of the total energy consumed by the industrial and mining enterprises.
  • In some trades, air compressor even consumes 70% of the power consumed by the entire trade.

Shaft power

During the operation of the air compressor, most of the electric power consumed is transformed into thermal energy. More specifically,
  • 2% of the electric power is transformed into thermal energy and lost as radiation.
  • 4% of the electric power is transformed into thermal energy, which remains in the compressed air and enters the air pipes of the plant.
  • 94%of the electric power is transformed into heat of compression and carried away by cooling media (oil, water, or air). 
For air compressor, about 94% of the compression heat generated in the compression process can be recovered in theory. The energy recovery system is to recover most of the compression heat in form of hot water or hot air on the premise that there is no negative impact on the performance of the air compressor itself. Atlas Copco is a pioneer in air compressor industry. It provides customers with professional, mature, and complete solutions that guarantee the recovery of 70% to 90% of the shaft power in practice. The recovered thermal energy can be used to produce high temperature hot water at 70 to 90 degrees Celsius which is widely used in production and domestic sector to partly or completely replace the original heating systems (such as electrical heating, oil and fuel boiler, steam heating, and so on), including:

ER application

  • Pure water heating in electronic industry
  • Heating for workshops and office buildings
  • Heating of domestic-use water, such as bathing water
  • De-fatting washing before paint spray of the metaling production line
  • Dye heating in dyeing industry
  • Heating of cleaning agent before parts assembly
  • Heating and humidifying by air conditioner in the space under constant temperature and humidity
  • Preheating of the water replenished into the boiler
  • Industrial cleaning and cleaning of hygienic facilities