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VSD compressors

GA 30 VSD-ghost.tif
VSD (Variable Speed Drive) technology mirrors air usage – automatically adjusting the motor speed depending on demand. Lowered system pressure minimizes energy consumption across the production to reduce energy cost. With VSD technology, Atlas Copco has made major energy cost savings a reality. Operating at lowest possible energy consumption, the GA VSD helps to protect the environment for future generations.

The GA VSD reduces energy cost by:

  • Eliminating the inefficient transition period from full to no load power
  • Avoiding excessive off load power consumption
  • Maintaining the net pressure band to within 0.10 bar
  • Reducing overall average working pressure
  • Minimizing system leakage due to a lower system pressure
  • Increasing flexibility with soft starting gradual motor ramp-up to avoid electricity surges
  • Offering flexible pressure selection from 4 to 13 bar with electronic gearing to ensure lowered electricity cost
How much can you save?

Using innovative real-time measuring equipment and sophisticated analysis software, Atlas Copco engineers can help you map the load/air demand profile of your current compressor installation and demonstrate the potential energy savings using Atlas Copco’s VSD compressors. This unique service allows you to obtain full control of your compressed air system and make conscious future investment decisions.