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Application stories

Below are examples of mining solutions.

COP 1838HD Atlas Copco’s rock drill worked together with TBM in the water-diversion project in Jilin Province
China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. (shorted as CRE) is a a large state-owned enterprise specialized in the research, production and technical services of tunnel boring machines. In June 2014, the company procured four Atlas Copco COP 1838HD+ rock drills and related supporting equipment and successfully used them on the TBM manufactured for the Water Supply Project of the central cities of Jilin Province. The TBM is also China's first TBM with independent intellectual property.  

Atlas Copco China - DML Atlas Copco DML drill rig serve at high altitude in Qinghai
Qinghai Haixi Boao Engineering Company Ltd. is the first customer of DML diesel engine driven rotary drilling rig of Atlas Copco in Muli area of Qinghai province. Its successful operation in Muli Coal Mine has created a new standard of high drilling efficiency and low operation cost for customers at high altitude.
PowerROC T25 DC Atlas Copco PowerROC T25 DC’s first experience in China
Beiliu Dongtian Quarry, located in Yulin City of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is the first customer of Atlas Copco PowerROC T25 DC drill rig in China.
Atlas Copco China - Simba M4C Drilling Rig Atlas Copco Simba M4C wins its first battle in Xingshan iron mine
Xingshan iron mine made China’s first purchase of Atlas Copco Simba M4C production drilling rig at the end of 2012 and exerted its efficacy to the greatest extent in only half a year.

PV351 Atlas Copco’s Tricone Bit Won Customers’ Satisfaction with Excellent Performance
Nanfen open-pit mine introduced a unit of Atlas Copco PV351 drill rig in 2010 configured with Atlas Copco 12 1/4” F7 blasthole tricone bit so as to improve efficiency and mechanization degree and reduce cost.
Secoroc Jazz Atlas Copco Double the Service Life of Drill Bits
Jazz Grinding Machine is equipped with a patented grinding wheel designed by Atlas Copco, which can 360 degree grind the alloy button on bits and so double their service life.
Atlas Copco China - IMG_0867_low Atlas Copco Create a Professional Blasting Ace
To increase the mechanization and production efficiency of blasting, Yunnan Tianyu Blasting Technology Co., Ltd introduced in February 2013 a unit of Atlas Copco PowerROC D55 hydraulic surface drilling rig and successfully applied it in the earthwork levelling project on a white sand land in Kunming, Yunnan.
Atlas Copco China - QL50c hammer Xiaonanhai Cement Plant Soars with the Help of Atlas Copco QL50c Hammer
Ever since the introduction of the first Atlas Copco ROC L6 drill rig in March 2011, Chongqing Xiaonanhai Cement Plant has been using the QL50c hammer, and was very satisfied with its drilling speed and quality. 
Altas Copco China - mining equipments New records jointly set by Atlas Copco and Yunnan Tin Group for a new century glory
Atlas Copco offers the widest range of product lines and total solution for any work demand in the upstream, medium-stream and downstream mining. Atlas Copco is the right partner for the mining industry.

Atlas Copco China - P1050112 Frequent Interaction between Atlas Copco and Xinzhou Administration of Work Safety
In the first half year of 2012, Xinzhou Administration of Work Safety in Shanxi Province successfully organized a safety technical training for law enforcement officials of work safety in Qishui Conference Center in Xinzhou.
Atlas Copco China - DSC0085 New Application of Atlas Copco ROC L6 Drilling Rig Successfully Realized in a Marine Project
Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd. has been mainly engaged in water conservancy dredging and marine works construction since its establishment in 1981.
Atlas Copco China - ROC L8RC in n Wunugetu Mountain Atlas Copco ROC L8 Reverse Circulation Drill rig in Wunugetu Mountain
On July 4, 2011, China Gold Inner Mongolia Mining Co., Ltd. introduced the first unit of Atlas Copco ROC L8 reverse circulation drill rig, thus pioneered the domestic application of reverse circulation drill rig and established a new coordinate for the dry sampling in China.
Atlas Copco China - Atla Copco CDM75E at China Baima Iron Mine Initial Successful Application of Atlas Copco CDM75E Rotary Drilling Rigs at Baima Iron Mine
Panzhihua New Baima Mining Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of Pangang Group Company Ltd.) introducedone unit of Atlas Copco CDM75E rotary drilling rig in October, 2011. This rig not only becomes the first roller-bit drilling rig sold in Southwest China, but also marks the first application of CDM75 electric roller-bit drilling rig at iron mine assembled by Atlas Copco Rotary Drill Rig Department in Nanjing facility.
Dalkia Twenty high performance compressors are lifting safety and efficiency at Dalkia’s coal mines
Dalkia Industry CZ a.s.  recently completed a multi-year process of replacing their compressed air equipment with latest technology from Atlas Copco. The modernized compressed air system offers higher safety, lower energy consumption along with a sophisticated control system, energy recovery capability and low maintenance.
Atlas Copco China - Lanyan drill Atlas Copco Provides Total Solution for Coal Bed Methane Drilling - Complete drilling equipment and services increase overall efficiency
Since the world is running short of energy supplies, the prospect of large-scale development and utilization of coal bed methane as a premium, high-efficiency and clean energy is very attractive.
Atlas Copco China - Baosteel Atlas Copco Helps Baosteel to Lower Operational Cost
Baosteel Group is one of the most competitive iron and steel enterprises in China, and is also one of the world’s top 500 enterprises. As an important part of Baosteel’s iron & steel production business, Baosteel Shanghai Stainless Steel Plant produces over one million tons of stainless steel products.
Atlas Copco China - Atlas Copco C6 Support Ningxia Nuclear Industry Geological Engineering, China Atlas Copco Efficient Surface Core Drilling Rigs Support Ningxia Nuclear Industry Geological Engineering
In order to get adapted to geological exploration and surveying market duringthe new era of China, NNIGEB has sequentially introduced one unit of CS1000P6L and one unit of Christensen C6 full-hydraulic surface core drilling rig, and considerable social benefits and economic benefits have been accomplished.
AC China - C8 in Sichuan, China A successful China debut of Atlas Copco C8 full-hydraulic core drilling rig at Taihe, Xichang
The exploration drilling task at Taihe mine consists of three stages. The first stage was completed in September 2011. The second stage started in early 2012. The plan is to complete three 1000m-level holes. So far, the ZK1313 hole, 1618.9 meters deep, has been completed and this is the first deep hole drilled by Atlas Copco C8 rig at Taihe.
AC China - First unit of CDM30 LP Rotary Drill Rig arrived at Borneo Coal Mine in Indonesia Atlas Copco CDM30 Arrived at the Coal Mine in Borneo
The firstunit of Atlas Copco CDM30 LPdrillrig arrived at Borneo Coal Mine, Indonesiain November 2011; it has been put into service and is operating well. Its mobility, high efficiency and comfortable operation have obtained unanimous appraise from thecustomers.
Scooptram ST3.5 Atlas Copco Supplies Cutting-Edge Tools for Jiaojia Gold Mine
Shandong Gold Mining Co., Ltd., a major company of Shandong Gold Group, owns four gold mines: Jiaojia, Xincheng, Sanshandao, and Linglong. The first three gold mines will be developed into large scale mines with a daily processing capacity of more than 10,000 tons. And these mines are actively promoting the use of digital and automated mining technologies.