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Surface and Exploration Drilling

Atlas Copco has a wide range of surface crawlers, exploration drilling and geotechnical engineering equipment.

Surface drill rig

SmartROC T45
Surface crawler rigs are used for blast hole drilling in construction work, quarrying, and open-pit mining. The ROC generation of drill rigs is based on a modular design to simplify adaptation to customer requirements and efficient flow production. The latest innovations are a new radio remote controlled rig and the SmartRig, providing a major step forward in hole quality, environmental issues, safety and and total drilling economy. 
We offer rigs for three different drilling methods: Tophammer, Down-The-Hole (DTH) hammer, and the unique, patented COPROD system. COPROD combines the best of two worlds - the high performance of the Tophammer with the precision of the DTH method. 

Drill rig for dimension stone industry

 Rock Buggy
Rock Buggy, a small, hydraulic mobile drilling unit, is our high quality, high capacity drilling unit for the dimension stone industry, including marble, granite and sandstone quarries.

SpeedCut, the fastest diamond wire cutting machine on the market, is one of Perfora’s high productivity products for the dimension stone industry. 

Geotechnical Drilling and Exploration Equipment

Boyles C5
Geotechnical drilling equipment is used in exploration drilling and ground engineering applications.
In ground engineering applications, the DIAMECs exploration drilling rigs are used for drilling grout holes in hydroelectric power dam constructions as well as for underground probe drilling and grout hole drilling of tunnels in soft and broken formations. While the Christensen and Boyles rigs are used for surface core drilling. 
The multipurpose Mustang rigs are used for all types of civil-engineering applications, such as micro-piling, underpinning, anchoring and geotechnical surveys.

SmartROC D65

Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique

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