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Announcement of Lottery Draw for Interacting with Transportation SMS

In order to thank our customers for keeping Atlas Copco as their First in Mind and First in Choice ® and further promoting interaction between customers & Atlas Copco, so as we can get effective & in time appraisal form our customers for transportation service to continuously improve customers’ satisfaction, we hereby implement the lottery draw activity by SMS Centre.

Activity Period:

From April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014

Target Objects:

Customers who have purchased machines, and genuine parts & lubricant of Atlas Copco, and effectively reply to logistics service evaluation SMS sent by Atlas Copco SMS Centre.

Activity Rules:

Atlas Copco China - transportation campaign prize EN
1. Lottery draw activity is to hold once every quarter and provide with different awards. One Yearly Special Award is additionally provided in the final quarter. Draw date will be simultaneously released at Atlas Copco’s website and official micro-blog.
2. Lottery draw is among those phone numbers that have effectively replied to transportation evaluation of Atlas Copco, and same phone number can participate more than one time. All phone numbers will be input to the lottery machine before the deadline of that time lottery draw and will be drawn randomly.
3. Lottery draw activity is to hold once every quarter and draw date is the last Friday of every quarter. The result is to be published within 2 working days after the draw date and the winners will be informed within 3 working days by phone.
4. The Logistics Service Centre of Atlas Copco will send a transportation service evaluation SMS for every purchase order, and customers who reply for the SMS can enter the draw. All the phone numbers reserved in the purchase order can reply, but only one effective record is provided for the reply of the same transportation.


Totally three awards are set for every quarter:
10 Third Prizes: one 140th anniversary commemorative cap of Atlas Copco worth of 50 RMB
2 Second Prizes: one exquisite gift worth of 150 RMB (Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse package)
1 First Prize: one exquisite gift worth of 300 RMB (LEXON shoulders computer bag)
1 Annual Special Prize: randomly drawn from phone numbers with effective reply all year round, and winning one Apple iPad mini (WLAN 16GB)


1. All winning notices are given to the customers by phone, and winning results are published at Atlas Copco’s website and official micro-blog @阿特拉斯科普柯压缩机.
2. For any questions, please raise under the notice released at Atlas Copco’s official micro-blog @阿特拉斯科普柯压缩机 or dial 021-62361329 to consult our personnel.
3. Awards prevail in kind.
4. For fairness, employees of Atlas Copco will not participate in lottery draw.

The 1st Lottery Draw Result:

Time: June 28, 2013
Winner list:
The First Prize:139xxxx7677
The Second Prize:189xxxx3629
The Second Prize:136xxxx7269
The Third Prize:152xxxx3060
The Third Prize:134xxxx9382
The Third Prize:135xxxx0769
The Third Prize:135xxxx2263
The Third Prize:158xxxx8635
The Third Prize:139xxxx1167
The Third Prize:138xxxx0128
The Third Prize:138xxxx7270
The Third Prize:189xxxx5333
The Third Prize:152xxxx2577

The 2nd Lottery Draw Result:

Time: September 27, 2013
Winner list: 
The First Prize:1386xxx8088 
The Second Prize:1860xxx6057 
The Second Prize:1363xxx8370 
The Third Prize:1513xxx9909 
The Third Prize:1509xxx6536 
The Third Prize:1529xxx2577 
The Third Prize:1875xxx2070 
The Third Prize:1530xxx6783 
The Third Prize:1386xxx0662 
The Third Prize:1360xxx6512 
The Third Prize:1391xxx0509 
The Third Prize:1358xxx0332 
The Third Prize:1381xxx6346