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Five years registration for screw rotor

1. All operating rules and final interpretation right of “Five-Year Warranty Terms for Screw Rotor”(hereinafter referred to as the “Five-Year Warranty for Rotor”) belongs to Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.. Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Atlas Copco) agrees to offer five-year conditional warranty for main screw of AII screw compressor (hereinafter referred to as the rotor) sold from this very day according to provisions of this agreement and operating rules issued from time to time. In order to obtain Five-Year Warranty for Rotor, user shall agree all terms of this agreement and perform complete registration procedure according to the prompt on pages. Click of "submit" button by the user in the process of registration procedure represents that the user has read and accepted all terms under this agreement completely. 

2. Features of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor 
Atlas Copco's “Five-Year Warranty” proposal is designed to help you to optimize investment in compressed air system, keep your compressor running efficiently in peak state all along. Standard one-year warranty will be extended to 5 years (or 25000hrs), while planned preventative maintenance service will greatly reduce your nonscheduled shutdown. 

3. Parts covered in Five-Year Warranty for Rotor 
The part covered in Five-Year Warranty for Rotor is main screw compessor of oil-injected screw compressor (Model GA, <90KW). Detailed parts include male/female screw rotor, bearings on the front and back ends, end cover, housing of the principal machine, gearwheel. 

4. Required conditions of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor 
4.1  Use according to instructions/or actual environmental requirement, carry out maintenance as per the maintenance cycle required in the instructions, including correct installation and corresponding cooling conditions (Pls refer to the installation CD-ROM which is in your compressor documents)
4.2  Purchase, use original Atlas Copco spare parts attached with anti-counterfeiting trademark (the user must provide copy of the invoice for purchasing original spare parts from Atlas Copco or the authorized dealers, the quantity of purchased spare parts should meet maintenance specification requirement in the instructions) 
4.3  Provide warranty information and show warranty letter (warranty card) 

5. Enforcement and validity period of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor 
The user will be notified by Atlas Copco through telephone that the registration is successful and becomes effective within maximum 15 workdays after registration. Within 30 workdays after receiving telephone notice, the registrant will receive warranty letter (warranty card) sent by local Atlas Copco Service Center. Deadline for validity period of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor is five years or running 25000 hrs after startup commissioning, which ever comes first.

6. Warranty application 
If you want warranty, please call Atlas Copco Service Center, provide corresponding warranty information and show the warranty letter (warranty card). Warranty request will be rejected if warranty letter (warranty card) cannot be provided. 

7. Interruption or termination of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor 
If any of the following conditions occurs, Atlas Copco shall have the right to interrupt or terminate provision of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor to the user at any moment without notice: 
(a)  Data information provided by the user is not true; 
(b)  The user breaches “4. Required conditions of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor” specified in this agreement. 
(c)  Warranty letter (warranty card) cannot be provided 
(d)  Machine damage caused by human factors of the user or force majeure 
For any loss caused by interruption or termination of Five-Year Warranty for Rotor, Atlas Copco shall not assume any responsibility for the user or any third party. 

8. Privacy protection 
8.1  Protecting user privacy is a fundamental policy of Atlas Copco, Atlas Copco guarantees not to disclose user registration data externally or provide to any third party, except the following conditions: 
(a)  Obtained user's express authorization in advance; 
(b)  According to requirement of relevant laws and regulations; 
(c)  According to the requirement of relevant competent government departments; 
(d)  In order to maintain interests of the general public; 
(e)  In order to maintain legal rights and interests of Atlas Copco. 
8.2  Atlas Copco might cooperate with a third party to provide relevant value added services to the user, in this condition, if this third party agrees to assume equal responsibility for protecting user's privacy as Atlas Copco, Atlas Copco may provide user's registration data etc to this third party. 
8.3  In precondition of not disclosing privacy data of individual user, Atlas Copco shall have the right to analyze user registration database and use the user registration database commercially. 

9. Atlas Copco shall not be held responsible for any production loss, profit loss, business opportunity loss and any other consequential loss in any case. 

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