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Quality Service for Mining and Rock Excavation Equipment

Atlas Copco is committed to delivering superior service to all customers in the Mining and Rock Excavation industry – whenever, wherever.

Atlas Copco provides the support to our customers and ensure that they are working at maximum efficiency. The services offer from product service, maintenance and training as well as logistics and warehousing services. 
We know that the moments-of-truth are at delivery, upon start-up and in operation. It is here that the difference between those who keep their promises and those who do not comes to light. Our dedication to providing the best possible support comes from recognizing the impact this has on success or failure. Wherever you are in the world, we strive to ensure that your service experience will be consistent.
Atlas Copco’s concern for safety and the environment are essential components of our commitment to sustainable productivity. Our equipment and genuine parts are designed to maximize the safety of personnel and mining operations, Our presence marks and to minimize environmental impact.
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  • Customized solutions
  • Atlas Copco oil 
Atlas Copco provides the very best training as part of our customer service, and appreciates the difference between operators who are already experts at handling our equipment and those who need additional training. We are more than willing to share the benefits of our long experience in the market and our complete toolbox of best practices, to the benefit of all our customers.

Atlas Copco China -Anti-piracy program
Atlas Copco genuine parts 

Atlas Copco genuine parts can ensure your equipment always at peak performance, and let you enjoy Atlas Copco's warranty. Potential problems caused by non- genuine parts will lead to unexpected downtime, shorten Atlas Copco equipment’s lifetime, resulting in incalculable consequences, and ultimately bring you huge losses.
Therefore, from a long-term point of view, we strongly recommend that you use the Atlas Copco genuine parts.

How can you know if you have bought genuine or pirated spare parts?
  • Inquire by Phone: 800 8205 199
  • Inquire by SMS: send 16 digitals anti-counterfeiting code to 1066 9588 2108 36
  • Inquire by QR Code: scan the QR code on anti-counterfeiting label
  • Inquire by internet: Please check here

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Atlas Copco Mining and Rock Excavation Technique Service

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