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Application stories

Below are examples of various vacuum applications.

Printing and paper Envelope manufacturing
One application in printing and paper that requires a steady supply of vacuum is envelope manufacturing. Envelope manufacturing machines apply vacuum to small holes in metal rollers that hold and convey the envelopes through the machines. The deeper the vacuum level, the more holding force is generated.
 (aero)space industry Double vacuum bagging – the engineering challenge
One technique used to make composites (or “laminates”) is called “double vacuum bagging”. Thanks to this method, extremely light and strong composite materials can be manufactured, used for high stake applications like those in the (aero)space industry.
Printing facility vacuum system upgrades Printing facility vacuum system upgrades
Most printing facilities use vacuum for one process or another, AC have recently seen an increase in the number of requests for vacuum (and low pressure) system upgrades as a result of horrendous inefficiencies experienced with dry vane technologies. This has lead to numerous projects but particularly beneficial results with envelope manufacturers.
Vacuum Forming Vacuum forming
Vacuum forming is a typical example that benefits from advantages of Atlas Copco GV series of vacuum pumps. Although products frequently applied in this process are small vacuum pumps, as the size of vacuum forming products become increasingly large, more and more adjustable cental vacuum system is being used in relative process.
Vacuum - Meat and poultry processing Meat and poultry processing
Vacuum pumps are one of the key components for meat and poultry processing. The quality and performance of your vacuum equipment has a massive influence on the quality and shelf life of the product that you are producing.