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Meat and poultry processing

Vacuum pumps are one of the key components for meat and poultry processing. The quality and performance of your vacuum equipment has a massive influence on the quality and shelf life of the product that you are producing.

Vacuum - Meat and poultry processing
OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for meat packaging machines recognizes that the quality of ongoing maintenance of your vacuum equipment is also key to ensuring that the efficiency of your complete plant doesn’t fall off. Oil plays a leading part in keeping efficiency at its optimum. Atlas Copco will work with you to find a service solution that incorporates your engineers doing some preventative maintenance and Atlas Copco performing annual service at the same time as we service your compressors.

Atlas Copco’s vacuum pump can be used for the following equipment: 
  • Hood machines (Multivac B7, Cryovac Super-Jumbo)
  • Swing lid machines (Various Swissvac, Supervac)
  • Tray sealer (Mondini Evolution, Multivac T400 , Reiser S45, Sealpac)
  • Reel fed Thermoformers (Multivac R530, Tiromat)
  • Deep drawing machines (Dixie Union)
  • Rotary Machines or Carousel (Cryovac 8300)
  • Rotary fillers