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Printing facility vacuum system upgrades

Most printing facilities use vacuum for one process or another, AC have recently seen an increase in the number of requests for vacuum (and low pressure) system upgrades as a result of horrendous inefficiencies experienced with dry vane technologies. This has lead to numerous projects but particularly beneficial results with envelope manufacturers.

Printing facility vacuum system upgrades

Usually, the primary driver for a vacuum system upgrade at an envelope factory or a bindery is energy reduction. Other reasons we are asked to look at an upgrade include; increasing reliability, providing redundancy and increasing production speed.

To improve productivity, the printing system has increasing requirements for the vacuum system. When the system requires for a vacuum of above -0.6bar (g), it has become a bottleneck for the dry rotary vane pump to match with the performances of Roots pump unit. For envelope printer, the faster the equipment is the better the vacuum is needed. Currently, some customers already have reqirements for a pressure environment of -0.7bar (g), which is exactly an excellent working interval for Atlas Copco’s GV series of oil-lubricated screw pump.
GV series of products can satisfy requirements for various air pressures in the printing industry.
As there is no contact and wear in the pump cavity, GV series of products can maintain stability and constant operation in principle. Compared with dry rotary vane pump, GV series of vacuum pumps have greater pumping speed, which indicates that customers are no longer required to install a number of vacuum pump at low pumping speeds. Therefore, the pumps are more suitable fore mass production.