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The electronics industry works with highly sensitive components, requiring a reliable, steady supply of vacuum. At the end of the production process, the finished products need careful handling.

Atlas Copco offers vacuum pumps that run quietly, with a precise output at low pulsations. This consistent performance of your vacuum source delivers cleaner and more accurate handling of your valuable finished products.

Our centralized vacuum systems have multiple benefits: one vacuum system can supply different machines. When stored in a separate room, your vacuum equipment is easier to service and you production area stays free from the system’s noise and heat. Atlas Copco’s remote monitoring solutions allow Atlas Copco’s service team to monitor your system anywhere, anytime.

These are the applications we have solutions for:
  • Microchip testing, handling and sorting (pick-and-place)
  • Printing, drilling, cutting, testing and handling of circuit boards
  • Packaging
  • Removal of waste gases and dust
  • Drying
  • Manufacturing and printing of CDs and DVDs