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One of the largest consumers of vacuum is the packaging industry. Packing products in vacuum allows for compact storage and evacuating air improves the shelf life of food, chemicals and cosmetics. From blister packaging, to shrink wraps and bubble wrap: vacuum-treated packaging is all around you.

Atlas Copco provides a central vacuum system that provides air and vacuum for a number of machines at the same time. Centralized vacuum has the advantage that all the equipment can be stored in a separate room, keeping more factory floor space available in your production area.

Non-food packaging solutions

We have products for all application in non-food packaging: 
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Film strip trimming
  • Filling, closing, capping and labeling
  • Air evacuation
  • Blister machines, palletizing and vacuum forming
  • Folding out cartons and containers
  • Production of paper bags
  • Waste product and dust collection
  • Drying, holding and handling
  • Pneumatic conveying

Food packaging

Food packaging
Atlas Copco has specific solutions for food storage and packaging. Of course we have vacuum systems, but also oil-free compressed air and nitrogen. We can install a complete compressed air, gas and vacuum system in your factory.

Like nitrogen, vacuum helps to not only protect your delicate food and beverage products, but also to extend their shelf life. By removing atmospheric oxygen from the package, aerobic bacteria and fungi have less chance to grow. This applies especially to fresh foods such as: meat, fish and vegetables, which can be stored longer in a vacuum pack.

We have vacuum solutions for these kind of packaging line types:
  • Reel-fed thermoformers
  • Hood/chamber machines
  • Swing lid machines
  • Tray sealers
  • Rotary and carousel machines
  • Vacuum tumblers and fillers
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