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Careers / Your development / China stories / Kent Li Manufacturing Manager, Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., LTd, China

Kent Li Manufacturing Manager, Bolaite (Shanghai) Compressor Co., LTd, China

“More responsibilities will bring more opportunities.”

Atlas Copco China - Kent Li
Graduated from a university in Xi’an, my major is Assembly process and control engineering. This is a major which have a close relation with my current job in compressor assembly, but I used to be an automation project engineer during the first 5 years in my career, building automatic systems in a new factory. I felt proud when I saw the automation factory start up, but the unstable life like a sailor made me consider to change the direction of my career. At this time, Bolaite gave a good opportunity and also gave me a sense of belonging. I was in charge of the automatic system design of the custom design project when I joined Bolaite.

A will to take more responsibilities brings more opportunities. My responsibilities were extended to prototype build up and testing with great support from my colleagues and, during this period, I also joined the prototype testing training arranged by the Noise & Vibration lab in Belgium. The experience of automation projects also helped a lot. Professional training and tooling are part of the great strategy of Bolaite when it comes to talent management.

In connection with the improvement of the new product development process, I get opportunities to take more responsibility and build up a shared Engineering service team to be in charge of production follow up, custom design, electric design and prototype build up and testing. In this period, I learnt how to lead a team to achieve a challenging target, and also know that there is always a better way for any problem.

From Engineering to Production is a big challenging step for me in Bolaite. Willingness to take responsibility and make change help me continue to open my mind, Bolaite also gave me an opportunity to follow the Diploma in Management Programme in CEIBS which is the best business school. I learnt the full picture of business management in a 2 years course, and was also fortunate to have many classmates whom I can learn from.

We should constantly act, challenge and conquer in our life. My career in Bolaite proves that the opportunity always comes if you are willing to take responsibility and work hard.