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Martin Laurent General Manager, Business Service, Purchase

“Atlas Copco offers World-Class challenges, that's what I like.”

Atlas Copco China - Martin Laurent.
I started my career at an IT Hardware wholesaler and distributor. During the 6 years there, I worked in sales and purchase to finally become Supply Chain Manager. Being a small enterprise there was no more possibility to develop and I felt that I needed more challenges. That is why I joined Atlas Copco - A global organization, where I have world-class challenges every day.

My first job at Atlas Copco was Leading Buyer. I was responsible for global sourcing, contract and supplier management in Information Technology. Based in Antwerp, Belgium, I was working closely with Group Center in Stockholm, Sweden. I initiated some major Corporate Agreements, like Lotus Notes or SAP hosting services that many of our colleagues are still using in the daily work. These projects provided me opportunities to work with colleagues from all over the world. Then in 2007 I focused more on ASAP Purchases, consolidating Indirect Purchase initially in Europe to eventually become one of the four Atlas Copco Business Services with a Global reach.

In 2011, I moved with my family to Shanghai. As Global Manager in Business Services Purchase. Next to managing a Global organization, my mission here is to develop Indirect Purchase services in China with special attention to compliance to our Business Code of Practice. The international mobility also brought challenges to my life. The major one in work-life balance is to manage the global organization remotely. I rescheduled my calendar to ensure good communication between my global management team - by splitting my whole day geographically:
  • Early morning – United States
  • Morning – China & Australia
  • Afternoon – India & Europe
  • Evening - Latin America & Global Meeting

Moving to Shanghai was also an opportunity to strengthen family ties. Adapting to the new environment was at first challenging for the family, but we are all so happy to be here now. The new culture, new environment and new way of life are all thrilling aspects of an international assignment. Sometimes you may encounter difficulties in your life and career. When your employer provides support and guidance to get over those difficulties, it shows how it cares for its employees. I truly believe Atlas Copco is doing excellent in this aspect!

Some years back, my previous manager told me that in Atlas Copco you are in charge of your own development, and he advised me to be prepared before the next opportunity comes. Willing to take a leadership role, I enrolled into an MBA course sponsored by Atlas Copco. This has given me the necessary foundations for fulfilling my current job. Looking back at my career, joining Atlas Copco was certainly the best decision I took.