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Welcome to Atlas Copco China ACademy

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Global Challenge

The success of Atlas Copco depends on having competent and committed employees. Employees are able to develop their skills through ongoing, on-the-job training in the form of real responsibilities from day one. To ensure that employees continue to have the knowledge they need to perform their duties, ongoing training and development activities take place both within the Group and with external providers. Atlas Copco employees are all expected to contribute by committing themselves to Group objectives and to their own aligned individual performance targets.

Atlas Copco’s training ACademy in China
The Atlas Copco China ACademy started in 1999 with the intention to offer training courses to Atlas Copco employees to improve their knowledge and skills.

The ACademy curriculum includes a wide spectrum of subjects, delivered by internal and external training providers. The training program contains courses for General Management, Leadership, Finance, People Management, Computer knowledge and other Advanced and Basic Skills, English language and Corporate Culture. In addition there are also hundreds of courses offered each year in specific business or product related traing.

Atlas Copco is committed to align people’s on-going competence development with your current positions and long-term business objectives.

The target in Atlas Copco Group is that all employees should receive a minimum of 40 hours of competence development per year.

Below you will find some examples of training programs offered by Atlas Copco China ACademy.