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Media / Application stories / Application of Atlas Copco GX/GA series products in Hangzhou Shengda High-tech Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd

Application of Atlas Copco GX/GA series products in Hangzhou Shengda High-tech Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd


Hangzhou Shengda High-tech Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd has engaged in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) industry for 15 year. As the leader of the industry in China and boasting technical strengths through years of accumulation, it enjoys high reputation in the sector. Hangzhou Shengda has been in cooperation with Atlas Copco in industrial nitrogen and oxygen generation for 10 years.

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Why has Atlas Copco GX/GA series air compressor been the first choice Hangzhou Shengda selected for many years? Mr. Zhao, GM of Hangzhou Shengda reveals the secret in a straightforward way: “Stable quality, leading efficiency, sufficient displacement that exactly matches the sample data and fast service response ensure long-term cooperation of Hangzhou Shengda and Atlas Copco!”

Sure, PSA industry has extremely strict requirement of air compressor.

First, PSA nitrogen and oxygen generation is through pressure swing adsorption of compressed air to extract nitrogen and oxygen. To ensure the purity of nitrogen and oxygen, the displacement of air compressor should be sufficient, because even the slightest fluctuation or lack of air will affect the purity. Atlas Copco GX/GA series air compressors are in full conformity with such performance test standards of ISO1217, Ed3 and AnnexC-1996, and will be able to provide sufficient air.

Second, energy consumption of the entire PSA unit comes from air compressor. Therefore, the efficiency of the compressor directly determines the energy consumption level of the entire unit. And the efficient air compressor unit is the choice of high-performance PSA. Almost all model types of GX/GA series air compressor meet or above second grade of national energy efficiency label for positive displacement air compressor, and will provide first-grade products for almost each kW category. Atlas Copco is known for its wide range of products that could hardly be found in the industry.

Application of Atlas Copco GX/GA series products in Hangzhou Shengda High-tech Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd
In addition, the workload of compressor in PSA industry is almost full, which means that workers may take night shifts but the machine has no shifts at all. Atlas Copco will provide stable and reliable full series of GX/GA products that are capable of high workload in operation without many failures to save troubles for customers.

It is strict requirement on air compressor that makes Atlas Copco GX/GA series air compressor stand out as the first choice for Hangzhou Shengda for a long time. Since the beginning of cooperation, hundreds of Atlas Copco GX/GA series air compressors have been provided for the customer.

Hangzhou Shengda has a nationwide sales network, which may become a big challenge for after-sales services of compressor suppliers. However, Atlas Copco boasts the most powerful after-sales service network, with spreading offices and service sites all over the country. Featuring such effective and fast coverage of services, the company will provide timely maintenance and care for equipment sold and free distributors from trouble.

"Atlas Copco wins its reputation and the market by stable quality, efficient displacement and fast service," says Mr. John Brookshire, GM of Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd, "I believe we will provide more and better quality products for Hangzhou Shengda as the cooperation goes deeper!"

So far Hangzhou Shengda has devoted to PSA oxygen generators for medical purposes. Its flourishing business guarantee sounder and closer cooperation with Atlas Copco. We believe that through closer and closer cooperation in the future, the two parties will yield a win-win situation.

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Frank Liu, Business Line Manager of Industrial Air 
Atlas Copco (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. – Compressor Technique
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