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Atlas Copco Helps Green Point Save Energy and Promote Production


Energy Recycling Containing Huge Benefits, Energy-Saving and Environmental Protection Promoting Productivity

Green Point determined to purchase 57 GA90 oil-injected screw compressors and 9 GA90 VSD oil-injected screw compressors from Atlas Copco China
As efforts on energy saving and emission reduction are advanced during the twelfth five-year plan period, governments at all levels throughout China worked out a series of policies, including tax preferences, special subsidies and loans with interest discount to drive enterprises to build and reconstruct environmental protective facilities. In fact, energy saving and emission reduction is not only a strategic planning at the state level, but also a critical way for enterprises to achieve sustainable development and promote productivity. Green Point Technology ( Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Green Point”) located at Wuxi New District of Jiangsu Province is a typical example.

As a company held by Jabil Circuit, one of Fortune 500 Enterprises, Green Point is mainly engaged in manufacturing mobile phones and electronic parts and components. As the third largest electronics manufacturing service provider in the world, Jabil has remained a market leader all the time, focusing on energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection while paying attention to enhance productivity. It is told that an energy saving competition is held each year inside Green Point all over the world, enabling the idea of energy saving and emission reduction to penetrate into all manufacturing processes in addition to awarding outstanding projects in energy saving.

At early 2009, Green Point built a magnesium alloy plant in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province in order to satisfy foreign orders. After taking factors such as performances and energy consumption into comprehensive consideration, Green Point determined to purchase 57 GA90 oil-injected screw compressors and 9 GA90 VSD oil-injected screw compressors from Atlas Copco. Speaking of the bidding for purchasing equipment for Wuxi Plant, Mr. Xu Chong, director of the management team of Green Point said: “Green Point has been confident of Atlas Copco’s products, and especially recognizes stability and quality of its products. In addition, Atlas Copco’s localized manufacturing provides us with a lot of conveniences in purchase and production.”

The GA oil-injected screw compressor installed at Green Point’s Wuxi Plant have multiple advantages: due to Atlas Copco’s patent design of unsymmetrical screw rotor profile (to ensure the degree of wear be minimized) and carefully selected bearing, these solidly and compactly designed products can largely prolong the life span of the construction and the machine set, having the system reliability raised at the same time. Moreover, GA VSD variable frequency products have a large scope of adjustment, to adjust air supply automatically in line with air requirements to further reduce the cost of energy by 35%.

Atlas Copco Helps Green Point Save Energy and Promote Production
Green Point is keen on the relationship between energy saving, emission reduction and manufacturing, and quick in action: after contacting Atlas Copco’s energy recycling device by chance and understanding its high energy recycling rate of 70%, Green Point quickly purchased 57 energy recycling devices from Atlas Copco, providing hot water produced by the device through a secondary heat transfer for the plant’s central air conditioning system.

It is told that Green Point’s Wuxi Plant once used steam heating and electric heating central air conditioning systems successively as heat supply equipment for the plant area. As the precise processing that Green Point is engaged in has high requirements for temperature and humidity, in addition to the workers’ needs for heating during the process of manufacturing in winter, manufacturing in winter brings a large sum of spending on energy consumption to the company each year. However, the problem was removed as the energy recycling devices were officially put into use in November 2011. “When purchasing these energy recycling devices, we estimated that the cost of investment will be recovered after 3 winters. To our surprise, we have successfully recovered the cost after use in 1 winter. The investment not only helps us effectively save cost on energy, but more importantly brings benefits to the company and promotes the production,” said Mr. Xu Chong. It is reported that the energy recycling device operated in the first winter saved about 1.2 million yuan on energy each month on average. This is equal to an emission of 160 tons of carbon dioxide.

Apart from the energy recycling device, Atlas Copco also recommended the central controlling solution in accordance with the features of Green Point’s products: by installing an Atlas Copco ES central controller on the site to simultaneously monitor multiple compressors and provide a stable point of control for the entire compressed air network so as to ensure that all compressors have the best performances in production. This controlling system can also realize energy saving by more than 10%.
Fei Liezhen, sales manager of compressor technology division of Atlas Copco, said: “Nowadays, more and more customers not only pay attention to short-term benefits, but also become farsighted, taking investment and output throughout life span of the product into full consideration. Atlas Copco has been committed to help the customer realize the objective of energy saving, emission reduction and environment protection and provide a whole solution of air compressing system, thus winning their favor and trust.”

As the Chinese government and even the whole world focus on reducing carbon emission and energy consumption, Atlas Copco shall become familiar with more industries and enterprises. Based on the designing idea of maximizing production profits by minimizing the operation cost, Atlas Copco can create greater values for customers by its continuous technology innovation and excellent products. Besides, Atlas Copco’s professional teams shall insist on the customer-centered concept of service to ensure our product can be stably and effectively operated through regular or irregular onsite services during the customer’s use of the product.

In addition to Green Point, the energy recycling solution offered by Atlas Copco is also widely used in areas, such as pharmaceutical production, food processing and key electronics. Atlas Copco shall keep to promoting application of the energy saving solution and products in various industries to create more values for the enterprise.

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