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Atlas Copco Boomer K41X won in Xinjiang


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In January 2011, Atlas Copco introduced Boomer K41X ,a new type of small-sized drill rig targeting Chinese small and medium-sized underground mines. The rig is small and flexible, and dual functions of the rig is much favored by Xinjiang Non-ferrous Metal Industry (Group) Quanxin Construction Co., Ltd. Mine Construction Branch (“Mine & Construction Branch” for short), so it bought one Boomer K41X in March this year.
Atlas Copco new Boomer K41X is especially suitable for efficient operation in narrow tunnel for its small size, and its coverage area is 23 m2 with its minimum use for the tunnel of 2.2m width and 2.5m height. This rig is equipped with the COP1238K rock drill, the BUT4B type boom and the long-hole drilling assembly; therefore, it is not only suitable for drifting in narrow drift and horizontal drilling for mining, but also suitable for medium-length hole drilling and narrow lode mining, thereby being widely used in iron mines, gold mines and copper mines, etc.

As the first customer of Boomer K41X, Xinjiang Non-ferrous Metal Industry (Group) Quanxin Construction Co., Ltd. Mine Construction Branch used such rig in Xinjiang Non-ferrous Metal Industry (Group) and Hexin Mining Co., Ltd. Tulaergen copper nickel. The copper nickel is located in Yiwu County in the cnortheast of Xinjiang 40km from Gansu in the east and 50km from Mongolia in the north, mainly covering deserts and gobi. The mining area is 1.49km², and the underground mining production scale reaches 600,000t annually, with the elevation ranging from 760m to 1,360m, and the rock hardness of about f=11. Shorthold shrinkage stoping, sublevel caving and VCR method are employed together in mining.
The drift section of the mine area is 7.7 m². Before buying Boomer K41X, Mine Construction Branch always used pneumatic drills, and faced such main problems as slow penetration rate, high danger, weak wall forming effect and low economic benefit.
Though Boomer K41X is of “small size”, the production efficiency is not low at all. Boomer K41X was formally delivered for use on April 20 through installation and commissioning after arrival in March this year. The rig uses the drill pipe of 3.1m length and the drill of 41mm diameter, and can finish one drill pipe within 1.45 minutes after field measurement, and the effective footage is 2.7m after blasting. Three teams take turns every day with two people for each team. Due to smooth wall blasting, holes are relatively large in number, between 47 and 51. At present, there are three tunneling working faces in the pit, and each working face tunnels two cycles every day, totally drilling footage 16.2m.
The performance of Boomer K41X is recognized and praised by leaders of Hexin Mining Co., Ltd. and Quanxin Construction Co., Ltd., and brings good economic benefits to the customer. Lan Xuexian, manager of Mine Construction Branch, calculates: 

  • Calculation in 350 Yuan/m³;
  • Monthly effective workday is calculated as 22 days, the annual effective construction period is calculated as ten months, six cycles are tunneled every day, and 25,000 m³ is tunneled in total every year;
  • The annual production value of the rig is RMB 8.75 million Yuan;
  • Costs related with Boomer K41X, including labor costs, depreciation costs, repair costs, maintenance costs, costs of drilling tools and utility bills, etc., are RMB 120 Yuan/ m³.
    Loss of drilling tools:
  • The drill of 41mm diameter can punch 47 holes on each working face; The drill pipe with length of 3.1m and hardness of f=8 can drill footage 2.7m after blasting, finish 6.5 cycles and drill footage 20 linear meters; The drill pipe with length of 3.1m and hardness of f=11 can drill footage 2.7m after blasting, finish 3.3 cycles and drill footage 10 linear meters;
  • Drill pipe can accommodate the punching of 47 holes on each working face and drill footage 82m, and its average service life is 26 cycles for the drill pipe with length of 3.1m;
  • Joint sleeve can accommodate the punching of 47 holes on each working face and drill footage 160m, and the average service life is 51.6 cycles;
  • This rig uses the Secoroc R32 type drill shank. 
It can be seen that Boomer K41X has the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, low maintenance costs and long life cycle, thereby greatly lowering the comprehensive use cost of the rig.
Boomer K41X integrates high safety and high efficiency, constantly operates for continual production of the mine. With successful application in Hexin Mining, Atlas Copco will cooperate with Xinjiang Non-ferrous Metal Industry (Group) more closely, make progress together and create a better future. 

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