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Atlas Copco Efficient Surface Core Drilling Rigs Support Ningxia Nuclear Industry Geological Engineering


In order to get adapted to geological exploration and surveying market duringthe new era of China, NNIGEB has sequentially introduced one unit of CS1000P6L and one unit of Christensen C6 full-hydraulic surface core drilling rig, and considerable social benefits and economic benefits have been accomplished.

Atlas Copco China - Atlas Copco C6 Support Ningxia Nuclear Industry Geological Engineering, China
Ningxia Nuclear Industry Geological Engineering Bureau (hereinafter called NNIGEB) was founded in 1956. For more than 50 years’ history, it has completed geological survey area totalling more than 200,000 square kilometres with various measuring scales, drilling length and depth totalling over 380,000 meters and trenching space reaching over 450,000 m3, making significant contributions to China’s national defence and nuclear geological cause. During the new era of China, in order to get adapted to geological exploration and surveying market, NNIGEB has sequentially introduced one unit of CS1000P6L (hereinafter called P6L core drilling rig) and one unit of Christensen C6 full-hydraulic surface core drilling rig (hereinafter called C6 core drilling rigs), both being Atlas Copco full-hydraulic bit core drilling rigs, and considerable social benefits and economic benefits have been accomplished.
At present, NNIGEB is applying newly introduced Atlas Copco C6 core drilling rigs to the exploration project of radioactive minerals in Bianganliang and Luotuoshan areas, Zhongwei, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, undertaking the important mission of exploring high-grade mineral sources for China’s atomic energy cause.

According to Ning Jinyu, General Manager of Drilling Company under NNIGEB, geological formations in Bianganliang and Luotuoshan areas fall into Carboniferous and is formed by small detritus deposit, resulting in relative difficulty in construction and easy occurrence of in-hole accidents like hole leak, bit sticking, chip off-falling and bit burying. Therefore, high requirement is put forward against reliability, durability and productivity of drilling rigs.

When it comes to the reason why C6 core drilling rig is applied to the site, Zhao Xuhui, Vice Chairman of Trade Union under NNIGEB, said, “This model of drilling rigs features quick drilling rate, high-grade drilled holes and strong adaptability to engineering geological conditions, completely meeting our requirement of construction under adverse environmental condition.”
High core recovery rate, long lifespan of drilling tools

It’s known that the overall drilling task undertaken by NNIGEB totals 3000 m, with most holes 150 to 200 m deep, the biggest design hole depth reaching 300m and inclination ranging between 60°and 85°.  So far, NNIGEB has completed two holes (drilling footage over 350m), with hole diameter (N Size) 75.7mm, core diameter 47.6mm and deviation degree of drilling inclination measured being around one degree per 100m (meeting the employer’s requirement). Besides, core recovery rate has reached 90%, 5% more than required by the employer.

According to General Manager Ning, C6 core drilling rig being used by them works 2 shifts each day, each with 3 persons. And each machine-team operates for 12 hours every day, with average drill footage per day 30m and monthly drill footage over 1000m. Atlas Copco also excels in usage of core bits. “This unit of C6 core drilling rig is equipped with Atlas Copco genuine drilling rod, which is of high quality, strong flexibility and high precision. Based on current service condition, the lifespan of Atlas Copco drilling rod is expected to be more than 2 times that of drilling rod made in China.”
Timely and proper training, high return for adoption of drilling rigs
Apart from provision of cost-effective drilling equipment, Atlas Copco is also committed to providing all-round training service and technical support for customers. As is mentioned by General Manager Ning,all the 13 operators of drilling rigs working at Bianganliang and Luotuoshan sites have received technical training from Atlas Copco, which helps them a lot in enhancing work skills and efficiency. It is with the help of powerful drilling rigs and skilled operators that NNIGEB is developing and growing in the fierce market competition and has gained good investment returns.
Take this C6 rock core drilling rig unit introduced in 2011 by NNIGEB as an example. Although it has been used for no more than one year, it has finished over 4,000m drill footage with output value worth more than 2.6 million yuan. Meanwhile, Atlas Copco P6L core drilling rig introduced in 2005 by NNIGEB is still under normal operation, with drill footage totalling over 40,000m and total output value worth over 20 million yuan.
Promising prospect of geological industry, embracing future through cooperation
Speaking of partnership with Atlas Copco, Yu Weidong, Secretary of the CPC Committee of NNIGEB said, “After years of use of Atlas Copco equipment, we feel quite satisfied with performance and after-sale service of its drilling rigs. With fast development of China’s economy and society and the 2ed-round implementation of West Development Strategy by central government, geological industry is now facing unprecedented development opportunities. We really are looking forward to strengthening further cooperation with Atlas Copco, thus creating a more beautiful future.”  

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