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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco Helping Saint-Gobain Carry out Safe and Efficient Production

Atlas Copco Helping Saint-Gobain Carry out Safe and Efficient Production


Saint Gobain Group is a global leading company in the housing and construction field, and is one of the world top 100 industrial groups. The Company designs, manufactures and sells building materials, and provides innovative solutions for the growing emerging countries, as well as energy saving and environmental protection needs.

As one out of top 100 enterprises of building materials ranks first in the world, Saint Gobain's products are brought to the world over. As early as the beginning of foundation of the Company in 1665, the Company was reputable due to the construction of the Mirror Gallery of the Palace of Versailles. Through the centuries thereafter, many modern landmarks have its shadow, including the pyramid in front of the French Louvre and the China National Grand Theatre.

In March 2005, in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province, Saint Gobain Group announced the establishment of Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials (Mudanjiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Saint Gobain) mainly manufacturing green silicon carbide. In 2009, with the leap-forward development of photovoltaic industry, the demand for silicon carbide increased sharply. In order to further meet the market demand, Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials (Mudanjiang) Co., Ltd. timely expanded the production lines. Since a large number of raw materials for the manufacturing process of silicon carbide are powder, there have extremely stringent requirements for the manufacturing power source -the moisture in the compressed air (including oil). In the open tender for this project, Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials (Mudanjiang) Co., Ltd. attached great importance to the procurement of air compressors.

“In the project of new production line in 2009, we finally selected two world-class air compressor suppliers where Atlas Copco is one of them. Liu Guanzhan from the Purchasing Department of Saint Gobain Ceramic Materials (Mudanjiang) Co., Ltd. said, “In the consideration of multiple indicators such as product quality, market share, etc, and in combination with the reputation in the industry, we have the final choice of Atlas Copco.

During the purchase period, Saint Gobain showed needs of air transportation pipelines in two aspects, firstly, the layout of the factory premises and equipment is uncertain, requiring adjustments from time to time, followed by the installation period as short as possible. The AIRnet System, the Dresdner pipeline product manufactured by Atlas Copco quickly becomes the preferred piping system of Saint Gobain by virtue of its installation flexibility and demolition and convenient expansion features. Meanwhile, the Dresdner pipeline is a set of system that can convey high-quality air from the compressor to the compressed air piping on the desired point with any loss, and thus meet the stringent requirements of Saint Gobain on compressed air quality. Its built-in O-ring can ensure tight installation, allowing the leak rate down to zero. Meanwhile, the system adopts a non-chromium anodizing process, ensuring no internal contamination, which can effectively prevent corrosion. The Dresdner pipeline can ensure to minimum operating costs of air compression stations under the lowest pressure loss, reducing the pressure drop by 1bar, and so the compressor’s total installed power may be 7%.

Atlas Copco Helping Saint-Gobain Carry out Safe and Efficient Production
In addition, Dresdner pipeline can also be more economical and flexible than traditional systems, for example, the use of recyclable materials can ensure that all parts can be repeatedly installed and used; lightweight material and easy installation greatly improve the staff efficiency and minimize downtime; the corresponding standard color has been pre-sprayed according to the application of compressed air. The Dresdner pipeline is composed of the full series of pipes, fittings and accessories, which help the addition of future pipeline network. At present, Saint Gobain has become the largest customer of Atlas Copco Dresdner piping system.

Meanwhile, ZT Series of oil-free screw compressors purchased by Saint Gobain from Atlas Copco, the oil-free air technology used in this series of products meets the "0" standard of oil content of ISO 8573-1 latestly issued. Meanwhile, TÜV (German Technical Monitoring Association) has under the most stringent measurement and testing methods, issued the proof for all kinds of compressor oil content of Atlas Copco and confirmed no any oil components. This series of authoritative international certifications, guarantees that the Company can carry out safe and efficient production from many aspects.

After the first collaboration with Saint Gobain in Mudanjiang project, Saint Gobain group has a very in-depth understanding of technologies, products and even services provided by Atlas Copco, and both parties therefore have established a good trust and cooperation relationship. It is understood that Atlas Copco has become one of the global strategy suppliers of Saint Gobain Group and has planned to provide air compressors and Dresdner pipeline products for the global manufacturing bases of Saint Gobain.
In addition to Saint Gobain, the oil-free technology and Dresdner pipeline technology provided by Atlas Copco is also widely used in the field of textile, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, important electronic instruments, etc. Atlas Copco will always make unremitting efforts to promote energy-saving solutions and products to be widely used in various fields, creating greater value for the Company.

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