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Application of Atlas Copco Natural Gas Compressor for CNG Gas Station


In an era calling for clean energy, the term “natural gas” has become more familiar to everyone.  As various policies on the use of natural gas have been issued by the government, projects that substitute vehicle fuels with natural gas are being carried out throughout the country. Large enterprises, such as Petro China, Sinopec and China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), have marched into the field of natural gas by virtue of their advantages. Capitals in the folk are also squeezing their ways into the field challengingly.

Atlas Copco China - Application of Atlas Copco Natural Gas Compressor for CNG Gas Station
The most typical, popular and fastest application of natural gas is CNG gas station that has emerged throughout China in recent years. Here, CNG compressor plays an extremely important role.

Among the operation costs calculated based on years of practices by earlier investors on CNG gas station, power consumption by compressors stands for 90% of the total. When the investors failed to find a substitute highly efficient in energy saving in the market, Atlas Copco duly launched the VIP-HE2-27 frequency inverting CNG compressor. Though, discharge of the compressor is almost twice that of our competitors’ (imported), power consumption by its motor is only two thirds that of the competitors’, with a maximum inlet pressure of 15 bars. At CIPPE 2011 held in Beijing in March 2011, its unique highlights rapidly attracted attention from Ningxia Huashang Natural Gas Co., Ltd. (NHNG), a private inestment company. After a happy dialogue with the company, we came to know that the enterprise had previously used several other domestic brands for their low costs of initial investment. “However, after several years of development and sharply increased sales of natural gas, we are becoming increasingly aware how important safety and energy-saving are to a CNG gas station, the terminal for selling natural gas. According to our calculation, expenditures on electricity saved in the past years are enough to invest on another equipment,” said Wang Jianguo, general manager of NHNG.

Atlas Copco China - Atlas Copco CNG compressor
During its building, NHNG-invested CNG sub-station at Guyuan Passenger Bus Terminal of Ningxia has attracted a plenty of car owners that want to convert their private cars into using natural gas as the fuel. “We have wanted to convert for a long time, but we were worried that on one hand there was no place to get refilled and on the other the time taken to get refilled might be too long. Hearing that gas filling equipment at your station is of good quality, we come to have a look.” As estimated, gas now sold at this station exceeds 40000 cubic meters each day. This heavy task is done simply by one set of equipment. This is seldom seen among stations at other regions. Though many private owners selected other brands at relative cheaper prices, they had to buy two sets at the same time so that one can be used as a spare set because of their worries about quality of these brands and their pursuit for high profit. As a result, the cost on operation and maintenance is even higher. It is self-evident that which of these owners is wiser. According to the flow, the equipment manufactured by Atlas Copco can maximally fill 60000 cubic meters of natural gas for its owner each day, which is impossible for similar products by our competitors.

Careful pre-sale type selection is indispensable to such a perfect matching. Atlas Copco has developed an advanced type selection software system for CNG compressing product. No matter what requirements the owners want to fulfill in technology, they just need to input the requirements into corresponding areas in the program as required. The software shall automatically exclude improper selection results. The higher the matching is, the more energy it will save.

Safety is of top importance in routine works at the gas station. In addition to meeting relative safety standards required in China, Atlas Copco also established a multi-level alarming system for monitoring release and absorption of pressure and temperature, an alarming system for monitoring liquid level and density of natural gas, etc., so that the compressor can safeguard safety work and continuous profit-making at the gas station.

What’s more, Atlas Copco’s CNG compressor is called “the most compact compressor” among reciprocating machines, saving large valuable land resources for the clients. A number of its components are developed by Atlas Copco itself and awarded international patents, including replacement-free and maintenance-free full-wind cooler and integrated sewage tank, etc., serving the clients in a considerate way.

With increased delivery of natural gas and gradually opened policies on use of natural gas, this new type compressor and the new technology to be developed shall be widely used to carry out more tasks.

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