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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco Provided Snecma with a Comprehensive Solution for Energy-saving Reconstruction

Atlas Copco Provided Snecma with a Comprehensive Solution for Energy-saving Reconstruction


With the global warming trend and increasing green-house effects, environment protection has become a global issue and how to save energy and lower emission of carbon dioxide has become a challenge for enterprises throughout the world. As a multinational company with social responsibility, French-based Snecma, a world famous aviation and aerospace industrial group, also deems environment protection as one of its responsibilities.

Atlas Copco China - energy saving reconstruction
As a subsidiary of the international high-tech group Safran, one of the world leading manufacturers of aircraft engines and rocket boosters, Snecma relies on its strengths and reputation and provides products and services for a significant group of customers and partners, including more than 1700 airline companies, helicopter users and air force users all over the world, such as Airbus, Boeing, BAE and Bombardier. Its jet aircraft engines (manufactured in cooperation with GE) account for the largest market share in the world. Since its entry into China in 1980s, Snecma has established excellent partnership with China in the area of aviation. At present, 3000 CFM56 engines are in service in China, standing for 50% of total commercial airplanes in China.

Since its establishment and being put into production in 2007, Snecma Suzhou Plant selected 2 Atlas Copco GA200 oil-injected screw compressors to provide air power for its sand blast coating production line and pneumatic tools. Electric power consumed in producing compressed air accounted for 10% of total power consumption by the plant. The compressors that consumed most of the power became key equipment for energy saving in the plant. How to effectively lower power consumption by air compressors was one of the most important energy-saving projects in Snecma Suzhou Plant.

Atlas Copco China - VFD panel box and man machine interface

VFD panel box and man-machine interface

At this time, Atlas Copco’s after-sale team provided Snecma Suzhou with an effective comprehensive reconstruction solution. Atlas Copco has been committed to “sustainable development power” to meet with customer's needs with sustainable solutions.

Based on the plant’s production procedures, which often changed in demand for compressed air, and its demand for domestic hot water, Atlas Copco’s after-sale team provided Snecma with a comprehensive solution of 2 GA200 oil-injected screw compressors assembled with external VFD energy-saving systems and energy recovery devices.
The VFD energy-saving system
The VFD energy-saving system is an external variable frequency control device used to adjust the speed of air compressor driven by the motor at fixed speed. However, based on comparison between standby and operation currents before and after the reconstruction, Snecma Suzhou Plant has effectively reduced power consumption in standby, lowered electric consumption when unloading or booting and increased the productivity of air compressors, with the one-for-two option that connects one variable frequency cabinet with two air compressors to help the user save investment on fixed assets.

Energy recovery device

Energy recovery device collects heat originally sent into the environment through the heat recovery system and then reuses it for production heating or heating water for domestic use. In fact, above 90% of axial power of the compressor is eventually transformed into heat energy dismissed into the surrounding environment instead of doing work to generate compressed air. Now with the use of Atlas Copco energy recovery system, above 75% of electric inputs are recycled in form of hot water, which has no negative impact on compressor performance. At present, this is the most effective energy-saving method for compressors.
Both reconstruction projects were accomplished and put into use at the beginning of 2011 (ER) and in April 2012 (VFD),” said Mr. Zhao Rui, repairing manager of Snecma Suzhou, “so far, both systems have been stable and excellent in operation and achieved remarkable energy-saving effects. After a year’s operation, the ER system has saved about RMB120000 Yuan in energy consumption and investment on the equipment can be recovered in less than 2 years. VFD system can reduce the electrical energy consumption of the compressor by 50% and is expected to save some RMB400000 Yuan per year in power consumption, so the preliminary investment shall be recovered in less than half a year. We have thought highly of Atlas Copco’s product quality and reputation, especially its concept of sustainable productivity and responsibility in environment protection, which coincide with ours. This time, the comprehensive energy-saving reconstruction aims to promote business growth by Atlas Copco’s expertise and innovative technology.”

Atlas Copco China - operation of the ER system

Operation of the ER System

Li Jun, senior sales engineer of Atlas Copco Compressor After-sales Service, said: “Now, more and more customers tend to take the long view in addition to short-term effects by comprehensively considering inputs and outputs based on the entire product life cycle. Atlas Copco has been committed to helping customers achieve the goals of energy-saving, emission reduction and environment protection and providing a complete set of solutions for their air compression systems, thus having gained their favor and trust.”
As the Chinese government and even the world pay attention to reducing carbon emission and energy consumption, Atlas Copco is committed to sustainable development based on the design concept of maximizing production profitability through minimized operational costs to create more values for customers with constant technological innovations and excellent products. Atlas Copco is helping customers lower the costs and improve productivity while protecting the environment, providing numerous Chinese customers with energy-saving solutions fit for various application areas.
In addition to energy recovery (ER) systems and variable frequency drives (VFD), Atlas Copco also provides various comprehensive energy saving solutions including AirNet piping system and Air Optimizer™ ES energy saving solution. Atlas Copco has been committed to promote application of its energy saving solutions and products in all areas to create more values for enterprises.

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