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Atlas Copco Helps Hareon Solar Realize Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Production with Innovated Technology


Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter “Hareon Solar”) is one of the largest enterprises of monocrystalline silicon solar cells in China. Since its establishment in 2004, Hareon Solar has witnessed rapid growth of its major business. It is specialized in producing mono silicon stick/multi cast ingots, and wafer cutting in the upstream of the photovoltaic industry. Now, Hareon Solar has established business relationship with customers and suppliers around the world, making it possible for Hareon Solar to make tremendous contributions to the global undertaking of the clean energy.

Atlas Copco China - Helps Hareon Solar Realize Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Production with Innovated Technology
In October 2010, Hareon Solar announced to invest on a new project of building a photovoltaic base in Hefei. The project is planned to mainly manufacture solar cell and its components. The first phase investment totaled 2.5 billion yuan, aiming to deploy 40 production lines with a total capacity amounting to 1200 megawatts. During its early construction period, Hareon Solar had kept in line with requirements for safety and stability all the time. In public bidding for key equipment including air compressor and drier, Hareon Solar made strict evaluations one by one in accordance with all specifications. In addition, as an enterprise of the clean energy industry, Hareon Solar took into full considerations the objective of energy-saving and emission reduction in the process of manufacturing.
During the project’s bidding for air compressor and dryer, Hareon Solar finally selected Atlas Copco from the 4 enterprises participated in the bidding based on comprehensive considerations, and purchased ZR VSD series of variable frequency oil-free screw compressors and BD+ZP series of zero-gas blast absorbing dryer from Atlas Copco. After put into use in June 2011, the equipment set has remained in perfect state of operation, providing powerful safeguards for safety production of Hareon Solar.
Nowadays, as the concept of energy saving and emission reduction deepens, the idea of life cycle cost is attracting attention from more and more manufacturing enterprises. Generally, lift cycle cost refers to the sum of cost in purchase, maintenance and energy consumption. Take air compressor as an example. Usually, the preliminary purchase cost and the future cost of maintenance stands for only 30% of its total cost in use, while the cost of energy consumption during application of the product stands for as much as 70%. Therefore, the key to save energy and reduce emission is to lower the cost of energy consumption. The ZR VSD series of Atlas Copco variable frequency oil-free screw compressor installed at Hareon Solar site employ an integrated design by integrating inverter, motor and compressor into a set. Moreover, the built-in inverter of the series of products can be used to change the motor’s speed as required to maximally change by 70% so that emission and air requirements can be accurately matched. Finally, this feature in design can save the enterprise at most 25% of energy consumption.

Atlas Copco’s BD+ZP series of zero-gas blast dryer adopted by Hareon Solar in the project can effectively save energy consumption for the company. The absorbing dryer can regenerate adsorbent by heating the air produced by an external blower, without loss to compressed air during the process of regeneration. Adding to the innovative design by using the unique patented technology, the dryer can smartly control the electric heater so that heat required by the regeneration process can be maximally utilized, so as to reduce energy consumption when operated at low load. Su Yongjie, HVAC director with Hefei Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd., said: “Traditional dryer generally controls the dew point by means of time setting, which is ineffective to accurately control the dew point, leading to waste of energy. Atlas Copco’s BD+ZP series of zero-gas dryer employs the dew-point sensor control technology in a state of zero air consumption, which can effectively reduce energy consumption. Based on its current use, it can fully satisfy our present demand for air, meeting all requirements in design.”

Atlas Copco China - Helps Hareon Solar Realize Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Production with Innovated Technology - ZR 250VS
According to different features of combined products purchased for this project, Atlas Copco recommended a solution of centralized control to Hareon Solar: by installing Atlas Copco’s ES centralized controller on the site, it can monitor multiple compressors and dryers at the same time to provide a stable point of control for the entire compressed air network to ensure that all compressors have the best performances in production. Using the ES centralized control system can save energy for more than 10%. Correct management of the compressed air network can effectively save energy, reduce maintenance, decrease downtime, increase productivity and improve product quality.
Under the vigorous support of the Chinese government, all local governments are positive in reviewing the work of energy-saving and emission reduction in a strategic perspective and responding to the requirement in various ways. For example, Hefei Economic and Information Commission revised Several Policies on Taking over Industrial Transfer and Accelerating Development of New Industries in Hefei (Trial) in the first half of 2011, making detailed specifications to support enterprises in reforming their energy-saving technology and promote application of energy-saving products. At present, Atlas Copco is actively helping Hareon Solar to submit application of relative energy-saving products for approval and contact the National Testing Center to carry out a third-party certification by testing zero-gas consumption and low energy consumption of the dryer at the site.
Xu Ming, product specialty at the compressing technology department of Atlas Copco, indicated: “we create greater values for customers through design based on the concept of minimizing the operation cost to maximize production profits by consistent technology innovation and excellent products. As the Chinese government and even the entire world attach more attention to reduce carbon emission and energy consumption, we believe that more industries and enterprises will have deep understanding of our products. At the same time, we always keep to the customer-centered service concept. Our professional team provides regular or irregular onsite services for customers using Atlas Copco products to ensure our products can be stably and efficiently operated. Our goal is to genuinely manifest the values of Atlas Copco’s energy-saving products in practical use.”
Besides Hareon Solar, Atlas Copco’s ZR VSD variable frequency oil-free screw compressor and BD+ZP zero-gas blast dryer are also widely used in other industries, including pharmaceutical production, food processing and key electronics. Now, the application of zero-gas dryer has become a trend of the industry. Atlas Copco always keeps advancing application of new energy-saving products in various fields.
Atlas Copco is not only a leader of compressors, but also a supplier of quality dryer and energy-saving controlling equipment. It is our responsibility to comprehensively use all energy-saving products to provide an optimal air compression solution.

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