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Helping Environmental Protection in Daily Chemicals with All-Around Solution for Compressed Oil Free Air


Atlas Copco Help Kao Realize Safe, High-efficient & Energy-saving Production.

Shanghai Kao has purchased five Atlas Copco’s oil-free screw compressors.

Shanghai Kao has purchased five Atlas Copco’s oil-free screw compressors.

Compressed air is an essential source in the industrial production process of the modern society that is also the biggest consumer in the manufacturing-oriented enterprises. According to statistics, the energy consumption of compressed air accounts for around 10% of all industrial electrical consumption with its application being extensively covering almost all industrial production realms such as steel, metal smelting, chemicals, textile, energies, etc. The industry of daily chemicals has strict demands for compressed air, so even little oil elements contained would change or pollute the whole batch of products, which shall result in health risks of consumers. Therefore, for compressors chosen by the industry of daily chemicals, 100% of oil-free air is the prerequisite.
As the largest company for daily chemicals in Japan, Kao Group has been devoted to environmental protection and implements this throughout the process of development and production of commodities that also carries out strict implementation in China and other regions worldwide. In 1993, the first company of Kao in China was set up—Shanghai Kao Co., Ltd was born. In June, 1996, Shanghai Kao Minhang New Factory (referred to as Shanghai Kao) was officially put into operation and production. It was introduced by the chief in charge of supplying facility management in Shanghai Kao. Since its establishment in Minhang Factory, it has been using the oil-free screw compressors provided by Atlas Copco. Shanghai Kao has purchased five Atlas Copco’s oil-free screw compressors including 2 sets of ZR110 machines, 2 sets of ZR75 machines and 1 ZR90 VSD machine.

In April, 2011, Atlas Copco declared that all its oil-free compressors had classified for the newly-launched ISO 8573-1 standard as products with zero risk of oil contents.. As this is of vital importance for the chemical industry, this oil-free technology was one of the main causes for Shanghai Kao to choose Atlas Copco as his brand of first choice.

Atlas Copco oil-free screw air compressor energy recovery technology can recover 90% wasted heat produced by equipment.

Atlas Copco oil-free screw air compressor energy recovery technology can recover 90% wasted heat produced by equipment.

However, Shanghai Kao’s requirements do not just limit to the basic production demands, they do also pay high attention to the energy consumption of the air compressors. Learning that the energy consumption accounts for over 75% in the life recycle costs of air compressors, Shanghai Kao began to consider recovering the energy consumption in heat that is applied to the heating link of technique water consumption. By middle 2011, Atlas Copco’s energy recovery system made Kao’s dream of heat energy recovery come true. For Kao’s product line, 80℃ pure water is needed in filling process, they used to use a diesel boiler to heat the water. While after energy recovery system installed in the two sets of ZR110s, the process water is first preheated to 40℃ by energy recovery system. Therefore, it’s estimated the customer will save 52 tones diesel oil per year.

In the mean while, specific to the demands of Shanghai Kao, Atlas Copco also recommended central controlling: by use of ES central controllers, simultaneous monitoring of several compressors can be realized and a central controlling spot can be provided for the whole compressed air network to ensure that all compressors would provide their best performance during the manufacturing process. Correct management of the compressed air network willhelp Kao validly save energies, decrease maintenance, reduce downtime, increase production efficiency and improve qualities of products.

“Since I worked here, Shanghai Kao has been using Atlas Copco for its compressors,” says the chief in charge of management of supplying facilities in Shanghai Kao. “Over ten years of usage, our technicians also give confirmations on the qualities of Atlas Copco. Meanwhile, the after-sales service team of Atlas Copco aslo responds quickly and helps with breakdowns.” On top of that service, our after-market service team also provides optimized service products for Shanghai Kao including annual energy calculation, which can help them save energy by 30% and ensure that all equipment can be operated with the maximum efficiency and minimum costs.
“As a matter of fact, a growing number of customers begin to pay attention on Life Cycle Costs and they all want to realize the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction of their company.” Wang Tingzhong, sales engineer in after-market service department says, “energy-saving and emission reduction is a priority put by Atlas Copco and our country has been devoted to realizing demands of our customers with sustainable solutions. Shanghai Kao is a practitioner for energy saving and emission reduction in the industry of daily chemicals, so to partner up with Atlas Copco would help further identify our long-term promise for the environmental protection.”
Other than Shanghai Kao, oil-free technology and energy recovery solutions provided by Atlas Copco are also widely applicable to textile, medical production, food processing, important electronic appliances, etc. Atlas Copco has been persistently promoting the extensive application of energy saving schemes and products in several realms so as to create more values for the customer.

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