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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco helps Kingdomway to succeed as the leading nutrition fortifier manufacturer in improving people’s life quality and health

Atlas Copco helps Kingdomway to succeed as the leading nutrition fortifier manufacturer in improving people’s life quality and health


The application of ZA low-pressure oil-free air compressors in pharmaceutical fermentation

Kingdomway’s production base in Hohhot

As the global leading air compressor provider, Atlas Copco offers full range of low-pressure oil-free compressed air solutions. Normally, compressed air with pressure ranged between 1.5 ~ 4barG is defined as low-pressure, which acts as the crucial power source in wide industry processes, especially for pharmaceutical fermentation.

Kingdomway Group, one of the leading global nutritional supplements provider, operates four production facilities in Xiamen and Hohhot. There’re 16 low-pressure Atlas Copco air compressors operating smoothly in Kingdomway Hohhot facility.

To meet the production and process needs of Kingdomway’s production line, Atlas Copco sales and technical service team recommended ZA6G-300 low-pressure oil-free screw compressors. "As there are 16 fermentation tanks connected to the production line, the pre-filter, moisture separators and other equipments may cause certain pressure drop and air losses. To maintain the incoming air pressure in fermentation tank at 2-2.5bar, together with consideration of the production process and other conditions at the same time, we set the front-end input pressure at 3bar to keep the fermentation production line running stable." explained by Leo Yang, the senior sales engineer from Atlas Copco.

Fermation production line

"With the tailor designed stable, safe and flexible equipment by Atlas Copco’s professional team, we are confident to ensure a reliable and stable operation," Jiang added, " Fermentation is one of the most important step in producing our key additives including coenzyme Q10, DHA, ARA for milk and nutritious health products. During this process, low-pressure compressed air with pressure at 2bar for continuous oxygen supply is needed to promote the propagation of microorganisms. As the compressed air comes into direct contact with the process, air purity is vital. The presence of even small oil traces will kill the bacteria and contaminate the end product, and put consumers’ health at risk. Therefore, the absolute oil free compressed air is our focus. Atlas Copco is the technology leader of oil-free air compressors today, which ensures us uninterrupted and safe production for years.”

Compressor station

Each ZA/ZE oil-free screw compressor designed and manufactured by Atlas Copco is in compliance with ISO 9001 standard, and also Atlas Copco is the first compressor manufacturer receive CLASS 0 certification. In biomedical fermentation field, oil-free screw technology features stable output pressure, and creates less impact to onsite temperature and humidity. It is more applicable to the environment with gas pressure and flow fluctuations, and is also a very cost-effective and consistent power source for customers when taking into account the overall working performances and data. In addition, Atlas Copco oil-free air compressor series are among the shortlists of “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) certified auxiliary equipments that exempted from inspection.

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