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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco Helps Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) to Achieve Valuable Energy Savings

Atlas Copco Helps Mitsubishi Electric (Guangzhou) to Achieve Valuable Energy Savings


Mitsubishi Electric (GuangZhou) Compressor Co. Ltd., a wholly owned company established in Guangzhou by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, is committed to production and sales of highly effective, low noise and excellent performance air compressors under the brand name of Mitsubishi Electric. The company is using 10 air compressors provided by Atlas Copco.

Atlas Copco China Application story_Mitsubishi Electric 2011
Mitsubishi Electric was hit hard by the global financial crisis broke out in 2008 as it almost affected the whole home appliance industry. The sales decline resulted in significant reduction in production demand of compressed air and the use of air compressors is less. However, measurements indicated that the power consumption of air compressors did not reflect the same trend as the consumption of compressed air. That means the use of compressed air was dropping but the power bill did not drop obviously.
According to the analysis of the production cost, the company’s power consumption is relatively high, most of which attributed to the use of air compressors. Therefore, it is a focus for the management to minimize the production cost by cutting off power consumption so as to improve the competitiveness of their products and survive the financial crisis.
Through communication to Atlas Copco service center, Atlas Copco quickly identified the issues with the AIRScan system:
1) More than one air compressors are in idle operation for too long and some are idle for more than 20% of the time.

2) Output pressure too high (up to 6.4bar). It is estimated that the power consumption increases 7% each time when the pressure increases 1bar.

3) Pressure too wide with a variance up to 1.1bar.
Although the demand of compressed air dropped, the operation of air compressors did not get more economic and the power consumption did not decline significantly, due the above three reasons. According to the diagnosis, Mitsubishi Electric Guangzhou introduced the AIROptimizer – an energy saving and optimization system from Atlas Copco.
All air compressors are controlled by computer system instead of manual operation by installing ES integrated controller. The time to unload has been reduced greatly and operational performance improved significantly because air compressors can start, stop, load and unload automatically based on the production requirements.
With tests and repeated experiments, the best pressure point was identified for the optimized production at Mitsubishi Electric Guangzhou by measuring the compressed air end pressure. This will ensure the reliability of the production and reduce the pipeline pressure.
The optimization of load/unload pressure point at the air compressor has minimized pipeline pressure variance and ensures the stability of pressure.
The end result shows great energy saving. Statistics show that the power consumption required for a single unit of air compressor dropped by 11% while maintaining the same air level for production with the introduction of AIROptimizer. It is estimated that this may save about 650,000 Yuan in value a year. With energy saving, Mitsubishi Electric Guangzhou has achieved great improvement in production cost and product competiveness.
The energy saving system provided by Atlas Copco is highly appraised by the management of Mitsubishi Electric Guangzhou.

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