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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air provides Nestle with High-quality Source of Power!

Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air provides Nestle with High-quality Source of Power!


As the largest food and beverage company in the world, Nestle Group, with a history of more than 140 years, has been practicing the ideas and principles set up by its predecessors, providing consumers of today and tomorrow with “quality foods and better life” by its people-oriented and product-focused stance at the frontline of the global nutrition and health industry and by satisfying global consumers’ pursuit for delicacy, nutrition, health and happiness.

Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air provides Nestle with High-quality Source of Power!
Nestle has 22 factories in Greater China. Nestle Waters we visited this time is the world’s leading expert of bottled water, with products sold in more than 130 countries and 72 brands favored by people throughout the world. Since it started the business of bottled water in China in 1997, it has built a plant in Shanghai and Tianjin respectively. Atlas Copco’s cooperation with Nestle Waters can be traced back to that time. In 1999, Nestle selected Atlas Copco’s oil-free air compressor as its first drinking water plant was put into production in Shanghai. Over the past dozen years, the drinking water plant always chose Atlas Copco to update its equipment for each capacity expansion. Currently, there are 8 Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free compressors operated at the site of Shanghai Nestle Drinking Water Plant to provide air power for the entire plant. What on earth makes Nestle trust in Atlas Copco?

As a leading company of the food and beverage industry, Nestle pays the most attention to product quality and safety and eliminate any oil pollution risk in all production processes. In its production, manufacturing of PET bottles requires using 40bar compressed air to blow molding. However, if oil used in operating the air compressor or naturally existing in the air enters the water bottle, it shall affect the taste and smell of the product, and even cause damage to people’s health. At the same time, air power at 7 bar is needed in processes such as control of bottle blowing, filling, capping, labeling and by valves and actuators utilized in packaging. Oil pollutants gathering in parts of these equipment shall block up the parts and even result in downtime. In addition, oil contained in air exhausted from these parts shall contaminate the workshop, which may pollute terminal products as a result. Therefore, it is critical for the beverage industry to use pure air in production. That explains why Nestle is so resolute in selecting Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free solution. Atlas Copco has led development of the oil-free air technology over the past 60 years, providing a series of oil-free air compressors, designed especially for key fields of application requiring 100% pure oil-free air quality. In 2008, as a leader of oil-free air compressing technology, Atlas Copco became the first manufacturer awarded the certificate of ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 oil-free air technology, covering products with pressures ranging from 300mbar to 40bar and a discharge capacity maximally at 26000m3/h. This attestation reflects Atlas Copco’s commitment to air purity, and especially to customers’ product quality.

Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air compressor
Li Mingcai, manager with engineering division of Shanghai Nestle Drinking Water Limited Company, said: “At present, Atlas Copco’s 8 oil-free air compressors ensure our production of more than 300 millions of PET bottles each year at Shanghai plant. When we needed to add 2 air compressors to increase our production capacity in 2005, we resolutely selected Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free compressors, not only because Atlas Copco is now a technology leader of oil-free air compressor, but also because according to our years of experience in using Atlas Copco’s products, their stability, safety and flexibility make the users confident and ensured in continuous safe production. It is such a guarantee on high-quality power that enables Nestle to bring better products to our customers. In 2010, Shanghai Nestle Drinking Water Limited Company was awarded the prize of Excellent Light-weight Packaging by China Beverage Industry Association.

Presently, output of Nestle drinking water is still increasing by above 10% annually.

Moreover, Li Mingcai also told us: “Nestle Company pays attention to environment protection and energy saving during each business stage. As a beverage maker, compressors consume the most energy, standing for 30% of electricity used by the entire plant. Atlas Copco’s oil-free VSD variable frequency compressor helps the plant to effective save electricity consumption.”

ZR 315 VSD
“Nestle Environment Management System” ensures that its production activities have no damage to the environment and is economically feasible. Energy saving not only reduces the cost of operation, but also helps cut down emission of greenhouse gas. Atlas Copco coincides with Nestle Company in terms of this view. Atlas Copco makes efforts for “sustainable productivity”, adopting sustainable solutions to realize what customers require. Large companies use Atlas Copco’s know-hows and innovations in promoting business growth. Atlas Copco helps them reduce cost, improve productivity, and provide solutions fit for various applications throughout the world while protecting the environment. At present, ZR315VSD and DX110VSD variable frequency compressors used in Nestle’s Shanghai plant are proved to save 35% or more electricity compared with the regulating mode of other compressors. Rather than simple stacking of ordinary compressor and frequency transformer, its core technology is specially designed from inner to outer, optimized from the screw head, motor, driving system to advanced regulating technology, shielded cable and fan control, making VSD variable frequency compressor able to widely regulate between 20-100%, most of them even able to adjust to 15%.

Water is a key component of human body. Enough supplement of healthy water each day is critical to each part of our body. Safe and high quality drinking water is a promise of healthy and better life for people, which makes the exact idea Nestle sticks to. Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air compressor ensures this idea be perfectly achieved by providing Nestle with a high-quality and stable power source. 

In addition to the food and beverage industry, such as Nestle, Atlas Copco’s Class 0 oil-free air compressor is also vastly used in other areas, such as pharmaceutical production, key electronics and automobile manufacturing.

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