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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free compressor ensured food safety, energy recovery system created a new era of energy saving for Wahaha

Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free compressor ensured food safety, energy recovery system created a new era of energy saving for Wahaha


As the largest beverage company in China, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd. provides more than 150 varieties of food and beverage products, such as drinks, canned foods, health products and milk powder. Wahaha Group is one of the most important customers of Atlas Copco in food and beverage industry.

Atlas Copco China - Wahaha Group ?????
The cooperation between Atlas Copco and Wahaha dates back to 1990s. Atlas Copco has been providing Class 0 oil-free compressors for hundreds of production bases of Wahaha in the past decade. Currently, more than 90% of compressors of Wahaha Group are provided by Atlas Copco, and about 600 of them are operating in Wahaha every day.
Mr. Qiu Yijun, the Engineering Manager of Wahaha, told us: "Food safety is the biggest concern for food and beverage manufacturer like Wahaha. In addition to the strict control of raw materials, we also have extremely stringent standards set for equipment and suppliers. Wahaha started to use Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free compressors in 1998.  The excellent performance, stability, and security provided by oil-free air have ensured our confidence in Atlas Copco.

Wahaha Group always regards food safety as the first priority, and insists that any risk during the production should be eliminated. For example, compressed air at 40 bar is required during the production of PET bottle. However, if there’s any oil, either produced during compression or existing in the ambient air, in the bottle, it will affect the taste and odor of the end products, even consumers' health. 
Another example is in the production of milk powder or cocoa powder. When powder is forced to delivered by compressed air in pipe line, any oil existing will be mixed with powder, thereby pollute products. Besides, the valve and actuator for control of blowing, filling, capping, labeling and packaging require compressed air at 7 bar; if oil accumulates in these devices, it will cause clogging of parts, even downtime. Further, if the air discharged from these parts contains oil, the workshop will be contaminated, possibly leading to contamination of end products, this will affect taste and even health. Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free compressor can always provide absolutely oil-free compressed air and avoid any risk of contamination. Pure air is of vital importance to the beverage industry, therefore, Wahaha firmly stick to Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free solutions.

Atlas Cocpo China - Wahaha’s compressor room in Haining plant ?????????????

Wahaha’s compressor room in Haining plant

As a leader in the development of oil-free air compressor technology in the past six decades, Atlas Copco can provide a range of oil-free compressors, designed to the key application areas that require 100% oil-free pure air. In 2008, Atlas Copco is the first manufacturer to receive Class 0 certification for oil content according to ISO 8573-1, with its products ranging from 300mbar to 40bar and having a delivery speed up to 26000m3/h, which is the commitment of Atlas Copco to safeguard its customers’ production through 100% certified oil-free air. 

For the past few years, Wahaha Group pays increasing emphasis on sustainable development of the enterprise, and established corporate annual and medium- and long-term energy-saving & emission-reduction plan, so as to protect environment, ensure food security and improve the comprehensive utilization of resources target. As a trusted partner of Wahaha and world’s leading sustainability-driven companies, Atlas Copco also provides solutions for Wahaha on energy saving and emission reduction.

In order to maximize energy-savings and efficiency of compressors, at the end of 2011, Atlas Copco aftermarket engineers customized an energy recovery solution for Wahaha Haining plant and installed six sets of ER energy recovery units in the compressor room of Haining plant. The heat is collected by ER systems, to be used in heating (may be heated to 60-90%) the pure water for cleaning and sterilizing in production process, thereby greatly reducing the steam demand. After all, more than 90% shaft power of air compressor never works to generate compressed air. Instead, this shaft power is converted into heat energy discharged into the surrounding environment. Now with the heat recovery system of Atlas Copco, as high as 75% of the input electrical energy will be recovered in the form of hot water. This process is the highest energy-efficient one among a variety of energy-saving modes with no negative effect on performance of air compressors.

Atlas Copco China - Atlas Copco ER heat recovery unit ????•???ER??????

Atlas Copco ER heat recovery unit

"The energy saving effect is significant and systems run stably through 10 months operation of Atlas Copco ER heat recovery systems. It not only achieved the energy conservation of production processes, and also brought to the company a return on investment. The ER heat recovery system can save more than 5000 tons of steam each year, equivalently saving 3500 kWh of electrical energy, about RMB 1.2 million Yuan on steam consumption, thus the investment on equipment can be recovered in only one and half year." The Manager Qiu Yijun said:"Since good results are obtained during the experiment performed in the Haining production base, Wahaha is considering to assembly Atlas Copco ER energy recovery systems for all production bases in the country. It is time to rely on innovative technologies to achieve greater energy savings and enter a new era of energy conservation!"

Xu Hengzhi, sales executive of Atlas Copco After-sales Service Department also said:"Atlas Copco always adheres to take the innovative quality products as the fundamental and the customer service as the concept. During operation period of Atlas Copco products at customer's site, our professional team will provide on-site service regularly or occasionally to guarantee the stable and efficient operation of products. Our goal is to provide high-quality power products, so as to assist Wahaha in producing safe, healthy, delicious products!"
In addition to the food and beverage industry, Atlas Copco Class 0 oil-free air compressors are widely used in areas such as pharmaceutical production, important electronic equipment and automotive industries.
Moreover, Atlas Copco also provides a number of energy-saving solutions, such as ER energy recovery system, ES centralized control optimization (Air Optimizer ™) and data detection system, and AirNet pipelines. Atlas will always unswervingly promote the extensive use of energy conservation solutions and products in various fields, creating greater value for enterprises.

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