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Plain Sailing with Professional Pneumatic Drives


—Atlas Copco Is Committed to Providing Professional Marine Air Systems

The newly Mid-and-Long term Plan for the Ship-building Industry forecasts that the total value of new ships built in China will become the highest in the world by 2015. This has created unprecedented opportunities for the ship manufacturers in China. However, it also presents a great challenge to Chinese ship manufacturers.

Challenges first come from the marine air system in which compressed air plays an important role. It has two major uses: starting air used for driving the main engine and working air for keeping various apparatus in safe and smooth operation. “A first-class starting air system is important for ships as it must ensure that the ship can start at any time. A ship also needs high quality compressed air to ensure safe and smooth operation of various precision apparatus. With Atlas Copco's Z series oil-free compressors, we do not need to worry about damage to this apparatus caused by oil-contaminated air,” said a technician of Shanghai Edward Shipyard.

The selection of energy-saving parts is another trend in the world ship-building industry. “We give priority to marine equipment that can save a high amount of energy. The major benefit of Atlas Copco's GA series of air compressors is its energy-saving capacity, which is estimated to help us save 20-25% of the energy consumption,” Mr. Hong Peng of Jiangsu Jinlin Shipyard said.

In addition, Atlas Copco continually emphasizes the importance of aftermarket services. Zhang Daiqing, Sales Manager of Marine Air Systems, Atlas Copco explained, “The task of the shipyard is accomplished when the ship is built. But our task is only half done. The other part of our work is to provide high quality and efficient aftermarket service to ensure that all the ship owners using our equipment can enjoy our aftermarket service anywhere in the world.”

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