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Media / Application stories / Xiaonanhai Cement Plant Soars with the Help of Atlas Copco QL50c Hammer

Xiaonanhai Cement Plant Soars with the Help of Atlas Copco QL50c Hammer


Ever since the introduction of the first Atlas Copco ROC L6 drill rig in March 2011, Chongqing Xiaonanhai Cement Plant has been using the QL50c hammer, and was very satisfied with its drilling speed and quality. 

Atlas Copco China - ROC L6 in China cement plant
As a Chongqing-rooted old local enterprise, Chongqing Xiaonanhai Cement Plant was founded in the early 1970s and boasts nearly four decades of cement production technology and experience. The plant is equipped with three new type dry-process rotary kiln cement production lines with an annual cement output of 3 million tons.

Chongqing Xiaonanhai Cement Plant enjoys a well outcropped and strongly stratified ore deposit, hundreds, even thousands of length and width and heavy section, ore bodies of stable attitude and extension and suitable hydrogeology and engineering condition for open-air mining. However, in the earlier stage of mining, due to rock fracture growth in the ore body, excessive clay in the ore body and too many cavities and clay layers impose considerable difficulties on the drilling and blasting operation. Drilling operation in such an intricate stratum put the performance of the drilling tools to test. The success of drilling and blasting process plays a decisive role in production cost. Therefore, the plant purchased 2 units of Atlas Copco ROC D7 (now renamed to “FlexiROC T 35”, hereinafter referred to as “D7”) full hydraulic drill rigs and 2 units of ROC ROC L6 drill rigs (now renamed “FlexiROC D50”) and set Atlas Copco QL50c hammer onto L6 drill rig since the year of 2009.

Excellent Performance of QL 50c Hammer

QL50c is a high air-pressure hammer with a working pressure of 25 Bar, and, thanks to patented design of valve addition, it has a superior drilling speed, stable service life and high drilling straightness, which can substantially increase the production capacity, reduce operation cost for users and win their trust as well.

As explained by Yan Guofeng, team leader of special vehicle team of Xiaonanhai Cement Plant, currently, Xiaonanhai Cement Plant has completed full mining mechanization. Both of L6 drill rigs uses QL50c hammer and with 152mm bit.The drilling pattern consists of a 5.5-meter burden with 4.5 meter spacing (depending on the rock) with a bench height of 10-14m and sub-drilling of up to one meter . One machine-team with one operator is allocated every day Working eight hours per day, two drill rigs can create a monthly output of more than 400 thousand tons, and the current annual output stands at over 5 million tons.

 “The penetration rate of Atlas Copco QL50c hammer is very high, it brings into full play the high performance of ROC L6 drill rig, thus substantially saving fuel costs and cutting down the cost per meter of drilling. Besides, the straight pore-creating reduces secondary crushing. All these features absolutely cater to the requirements of production efficiency and cost control" Yan Guofeng commented on the hammer.

Users’ Satisfaction

Atlas Copco China - QL50c hammer
Ever since the introduction of the first ROC L6 drill rig in March 2011, the Xiaonanhai Cement Plant has been using the QL 50c hammer. “We are satisfied with the performance of the hammer of Atlas Copco”, delightedly said the operator of ROC L6 drill rig Wang Fenglian, “Compared with that of other brands, the overall penetration rate of QL50c hammer reached over 10%, which greatly boost our production efficiency and significantly lower our production costs. Meanwhile, we are quite satisfied with the quality of the hammer because reliable drilling tool quality can guarantee the enhancement of our production efficiency.  

Relatively broken rock stratum inevitably brings about “invalid percussion” in the course of drilling, which brings a challenge to the durability and after-sale service of hammers. Team leader Yan Guofeng maintains that, in the current market, QL 50c hammer can be rated as one of the best, which can adapt to various kinds of drilling operation conditions. It is 10% times as much fast as other brands of hammers in terms of drilling speed and can save at least 10% fuel.

Heart-warming After-sale Service

When talking about the service of Atlas Copco, Yan Guofeng holds that, “the Rock Drilling Tools of Atlas Copco provides very good service. It not only timely provides technical support and accessories but also usually pays a visit to customers so as to know about the usage and solicit and sincerely listen to their advices and suggestions on the drilling tools for the improvement of the plant. Such service method of Atlas Copco makes us feel extremely cared about. This speaks volume about the fact that Atlas Copco is a customer-oriented enterprise which provides customers with high quality products and services.”

 “We choose Atlas Copco out of trust. The QL 50c Hammer helps us a lot in increasing production efficiency and reducing costs. We would like to establish long-term cooperation with Atlas Copco.” Said Yan Guofeng.

At present, QL50c Hammer is not only widely used in Atlas Copco ROC L6 drill rigs but also in those of other brands of the same kind. Thanks to its outstanding performance, Atlas Copco is winning over more and more customers.

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