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New Application of Atlas Copco ROC L6 Drilling Rig Successfully Realized in a Marine Project


Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd. has been mainly engaged in water conservancy dredging and marine works construction since its establishment in 1981.

Atlas Copco China - DSC0085

Atlas Copco ROC L6 drilling rig on “Hung Fu” supporting platform

At the end of 2010, the company bought 2 units of  ROC L6 fully hydraulic submerged surface drilling rigs from Atlas Copco (hereinafter referred to as “ROC L6 drilling rig”), and used them in the harbor basin dredging works for Shui Tou Dock of Kinmen, successfully starting the first application of fully hydraulic surface drill in marine project.

Project overview

Shui Tou Dock of Kinmen is the largest marine rock cleaning works in the history of Taiwan, the dock will carry the important task of providing better service for tourists from the Mainland to Taiwan, the total volume of rock to be blasted is 240,000 cu.m, with total investment over 2 billion NTD. The project was officially started in 2000, however, due to complicated rock distribution in Kinmen area and heavy influence of tides, drilling at seabed was required before blasting for most rocks, but there is no specialized company for seabed rock blasting in Taiwan, therefore the work schedule was seriously lagged behind for a period. Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd., after taking over this project at the end of 2010, changed the work method to mechanical drilling on sea instead of the traditional human drilling at seabed, and put two units of Atlas Copco ROC L6 drilling rigs on the latest built “Hung Fu” supporting platform, to drill from the top of rock for blasting, therefore reducing the effect of tide and marine current on drilling operations in the sea, and successfully catching up the schedule while the work amount has substantially increased.

High efficiency in mechanical drilling

According to Lo Hsiangyu, the project manager of Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd., the complicated geological structure in the harbor basin dredging works of Shui Tou Dock of Kinmen can result in great wearing of drilling tool and many difficulties in underwater work, and it is also likely to be affected by tides, therefore high efficiency marine mechanical drilling is quite suitable. As compared with traditional method, this work method mainly has the following advantages:
  1. Accurate positioning: with traditional manual drilling, accurate positioning at seabed is not possible, and the spacing between boreholes cannot be effectively controlled, with frequent cases that rock cannot be blast open, but marine drill can be steadily supported on a platform for operation, and can effectively control the borehole spacing and angles; 
  2. Long time work is possible: with traditional manual drilling, work is done under water, so only 2~3 hours of work is allowed every day even if in good weather, but drilling operation with a marine drilling machine can be continuous almost 24h a day; 
  3. No restriction on weather and seabed situation: in addition to bad weather that prevents work from under water, traditional manual drilling often has the problem that a hole cannot reach the preset depth, and is likely to be affected by deposit on rocks, often unable to reach the rock due to excessively thick deposit; 
  4. Accurate control of drilling depth: the fixed height of the marine platform allows accurate control of borehole depth in conjunction with existing depth meter, therefore avoiding waste of dynamite;    
As required by the project, Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd. took a bold move to purchase two units of Atlas Copco ROC L6 drill rigs, becoming the first enterprise successfully applying the Atlas Copco fully hydraulic surface drilling rig in a marine project.

High benefits from ROC L6 drilling rig

To better bring into play the technical advantages of Atlas Copco ROC L6 drilling rigs, and help construction personnel to determine the locations more accurately, Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd. specially designed 12 drilling slots 12m long and 50cm wide on the “Hung Fu” supporting platform which is 36m long and 22m wide, each drilling slot has 5 positioning holes, with spacing between the holes being 2.5m (see “Schematic diagram for drilling position”). In this way, the ROC L6 drilling rig can insert the drilling head via the drilling slot into the seabed rock for drilling operation, thereby effectively improving positioning accuracy and efficiency in drilling and blasting. 

Talking about the result of using these two units of ROC L6 drilling rigs, Chen Chungpang, General Manager of Taiwan Hung Hua Construction Co., Ltd. was quite satisfied by commenting “the best feature of these two units of drilling rigs is high level of automation; computer control can be realized; they are in high quality and components are highly stable; the fuel consumption is low, and the two units of drilling rigs use only 850L every day. Moreover, they can be quickly moved and positioned, therefore quite flexible in the work.”
According to different rock composition and hardness, the drilling depth of ROC L6 drilling rig in the harbor basin dredging works for Shui Tou Dock of Kinmen is 0.5~12m, and the overall drilling efficiency is 20~25m/h; during the 16 months since their operation, total rock drilling and blasting of 190,000 cu.m had been completed, with output value of over 500 million NTD. This has laid a solid foundation for the innovated application of Atlas Copco ROC L6 drilling rig in marine projects!

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