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Media / Application stories / Atlas Copco ZM series multistage centrifugal blowers provides reliable air power in one of the largest landfills in China

Atlas Copco ZM series multistage centrifugal blowers provides reliable air power in one of the largest landfills in China


Shenzhen Xiaping Landfill, one of the largest landfills in China, the facility has been the largest national LFG purification plant.

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Since 2008, the company has kept purchasing the same model of the blowers to support power system for the entire gas collection plant.

Zhang Shang Yong, manager from Shenzhen Lisai who is responsible for the site operation told us, "Air power system is a crucial part in the entire LFG collection system. Our focus is on air pressure increasing, safe and stable operation, and resistance to corrosion. At first, we used roots blowers, however, neither its efficiency nor stability can meet our requirements. It cannot resist H2S that exists in LFG, resulting in high maintenance frequency and cost, and loss in our capacity severely. With the support and recommendation from our Hong Kong peer technical team, we switched to ZM multistage centrifugal blowers. The result is stable equipment operation to date since installation.”

ZM oil-free multistage centrifugal blowers were developed using the most advanced technology available, and have earned the reputation of being “the most reliable blowers” in the industry.

Based on advanced aerodynamic design and computational fluid dynamics analysis, the energy saving blower can meet different customers’ requirements in various applications, as it offers reliable output pressure and flow, high aerodynamic efficiency, wide adjustment flexibility, easy operation and low maintenance cost. Its unique hydrodynamic housing, combined with high precision manufacturing and assembly, enables low vibration, low noise level, and improved reliability. Configured with large diameter inlet with integrated inlet diffuser, ZM blower can provide stable gas flow with the help of CFD modeling analysis. The broad bell designed inlet housing increases the radius of airflow reversion, reduces inertia and friction losses. The guide vanes, placed before the impeller, evenly introduces airflow into the entry of the closed impeller, ensures the impeller running at even load all the time. The featured OPTI seal design, leakage free and integrated casting bearing box, facilities the ZM blowers to run a safe and reliable methane recovery system.

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Atlas Copco’s ZM centrifugal blowers are built to last. Solidly constructed out of premium components, they will run with minimum maintenance requirements and unbeatable cost-effectiveness. You won’t suffer from lengthy downtimes or process interruptions when your ZM is maintained. Service intervals are reduced to a minimum and maintenance is quick and simple. Maintenance points are easily accessible and basic repairs can be conducted with a minimum of time and materials offering you a low cost of ownership.

"Atlas Copco's ZM multistage centrifugal blowers helped us to improve production efficiency. On the New Year’s Day, our instantaneous gas collection volume broke a new record high of 15,000m3/h, and the landfill gas collection rate reached 90%, while our competitors only get about 70%." Zhang added, "Doing business in an emerging environmental protection sector, we are taking every possible opportunity to accumulate our experience. We value a lot on technical instructions and support from Atlas Copco, and look forward to grow together with them. Our 3rd phase project will be launched soon, and Atlas Copco's ZM multistage centrifugal blowers will remain as our choice!”.

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