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Atlas Copco Double the Service Life of Drill Bits


Jazz Grinding Machine is equipped with a patented grinding wheel designed by Atlas Copco, which can 360 degree grind the alloy button on bits and so double their service life.

Secoroc Jazz

Atlas Copco Jazz Grinding Machine

Wuji Iron Mine under Minmetal (Anhui) Mining Development Co., Ltd. is located in Liu’an, Anhui. It has a geological reserve of 276 million ton, the largest mine in East China. The mine introduced 4 units of Atlas Copco Simba 1354 production drilling rigs in 2010, and all of them equipped with Atlas Copco Secoroc drill tools. What Wuji Iron Mine produces are magnetite ores, which are easy to cause damage to alloy bits, finally the company selects Atlas Copco’s drop center ballistic button drill bits trough a lot of test. This type of drill bits is rarely broken. Its unique drop center design can reduce hole deviation. However, with the continual increase of costs, the client was in trouble reducing production costs and increasing economic benefits.  Atlas Copco service engineers knew it, then recommended Jazz grinding machine after field visiting.

Why do you grind drill bits?
For any customer who wants to reduce the costs of drills, drill bits are most noteworthy. A sharp drill bit can earn money for a company, but a worn one can only increase its costs.  Normally, a bit needs to keep a good shape during the whole process of drilling to ensure the drilling efficiency. A worn drill bit can reduce the impact energy at the bottom of a hole, which will not only make the threaded joint loose but also can generate great heat that cause damage to the threaded .With the gradual wear of buttons, the space for cutters becomes narrow, and this means that cutters will be crushed into smaller, making the worn drill bit harder to drill straight holes. Moreover, a worn drill bit may cause significant influence on the drilling efficiency. In-time grinding can not only reduce the early failure and increase the service life of the bit but also ensure the penetration rate to prevent thread loose and button abnormal damage.

Secoroc diamond grinding wheels

Atlas Copco Secoroc Grinding Wheels

 Advantages of Jazz Grinding Machine
A Jazz grinding machine is equipped with patented grinding wheels designed by Atlas Copco, which can 360 degree grind the alloy  buttons of drill bits, not only ensuring the  perfect  button shape but also reducing excessive grinding of  buttons; in addition, a Jazz grinding machine can bring client more benefits. As introduced by Zhao Xianzhong, equipment director of Wuji mining workshop of Anhui Mining Development Co., Ltd., this type of grinding machine can process a wide range of bit size from 35mm to 254mm; high efficiency (10 seconds for a tooth and 3 minutes for a whole bit), simple operation and easy maintenance; mobile perfection: rig-mounted or using 3-leg stand; low energy consumption: maximum air pressure at 7 bar and air consumption of 1.5 cubic meter/min.

Jazz Grinding Machine Effects
To test the effects of Jazz grinding machine, Anhui Mining Development Co., Ltd. launched  a field test in Wuji underground iron mine, where the rock hardness is F=12. The following are the details of the test:
Open table
Test Conditions
Equipment ModelSimba1354
Drill StringT45 Shank adapter
T45/1525mm Speed rod
T45/D76  Ballistic button bit (Product Number:90510334) centrally-concave ballistic-teeth bit
Testing Site-375m horizontal 14-3 roadway
Test ContentGrinding the used drill bit to test its service life
 Anhui Mining Development Co., Ltd. grinded the Atlas Copco T45/D76 sharp drill bit twice and the following are detailed data:
Open table
Bit No.Drilling Depth after First Grinding(m)Drilling Depth after Second Grinding(m)Total Depth after Two Times of Grinding(m)
Now we can find that the T45/D76 sharp drill bit that has already been out of use can extend its service life for 130.5m after the grinding of an Atlas Copco Jazz grinding machine.  The new bit has an average service life of 120 m. This means that the service life of this type of drill bit can be extended even more than a double after two times of grinding.  400 bits are used every year in this mine and a Jazz grinding machine can help save at least 200 or more. The economic benefits are huge!
When talking about his experience in using this equipment, Zhao Xianzhong, equipment director of Wuji mining workshop of Anhui Mining Development Co., Ltd. said: “Drill bits grinded by Atlas Copco’s Jazz are effective and efficient with reasonable price, saving us great costs. We are very satisfied with them!”

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