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Media / Application stories / The First Chinese CT20C ssurface hydraulic core drill rig was put into operation in the third institute of geology and mineral exploration of Shandong province

The First Chinese CT20C ssurface hydraulic core drill rig was put into operation in the third institute of geology and mineral exploration of Shandong province


Founded in 1958, the Third Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration of Shandong Province (the “Institute”) is a public exploration institution directly under the leadership of Shandong Province. For more than half a century, the Institute has put roots down in Shandong Province, expanded its reach all over China, and made excellent achievements in discovering diverse geological and mineral resources. In 2013 it was named one of “China’s Top 100 Geological Teams.”

China’s deepest hole drilled

Always adhering to its mission of exploring mineral resources for the good of the country, the Institute has become a domestic and even global leader in geological exploration, core drilling, surveying and civil engineering construction. In 2011, Scientific Drilling Company, one of its affiliated enterprises, purchased an Atlas Copco CS4002 surface hydraulic core drill rig for drilling in Zhaojin Group’s Lanjiahe Mine in Shandong Province. In just over five months, the rig successfully drilled the deepest hole in the country, at a depth of 2,580 m. According to Scientific Drilling’s general manager, Wang Luchao, this type of drill only requires four people to operate, 2 less than traditional spindle type rigs, and it saves greatly on labor costs and improves working efficiency. Since July 2011 when the rig was put into operation, it has created an output value of over RMB 5 million yuan for the Institute.

Atlas Copco China - The Atlas Copco CT20C surface hydraulic core drill rig at work

The Atlas Copco CT20C surface hydraulic core drill rig at work

The first CT20C smoothly goes into operation 

Being very pleased with the results of the CS4002 surface hydraulic core drill rig, the Institute purchased the first Chinese CT20C wireless remotely controlled crawler-type surface hydraulic core drill rig (an upgraded model from the CS4002) and officially put it into operation in August 2014. The CT20C is now being used for exploration operations in Shandong Gold Group’s Xincheng gold deposit near Laizhou City, with a scheduled drilling depth of 2,120 m (the specification of the final hole is NQ and the nominal drilling capacity is N, at 2,450 to 2,880 m). A depth of 1,180m had been drilled as of October 10, 2014. Workers operate in three shifts. The drilling time per shift is 3 to 4 hours and the average total drilling per month is around 900 m.
Wang Xiuhui, the CT20C’s drilling foreman, who has over a decade of experience in drilling, says, “In contrast to the traditional spindle-type drill rigs, this type features simpler operation and greater safety, which lets us operate it more easily.” And when Scientific Drilling general manager Wang Luchao went about selecting a rock drill, he considered multiple angles: “When selecting equipment, we focus on the following aspects: first, brand; second, efficiency; and third, operation. The two types of drill rigs supplied by Atlas Copco completely satisfied our demands. We were also given great support during the installation and commissioning phases. Three separate training sessions were provided to our employees, which both helped us learn how to operate the advanced drill rigs as soon as possible and also greatly assisted us in improving our efficiency."

Atlas Copco China - The Atlas Copco CT20C surface hydraulic core drill rig at work

The Atlas Copco CT20C surface hydraulic core drill rig at work

With scientific management, specialized talent, advanced equipment and superb technologies, the Institute proved three ultra-large gold deposits in three consecutive years (2010, 2011 and 2012), detecting over 1,000 t of gold and creating potential economic value of over RMB 200 billion.
Joining hands to overcome difficulties
In overall terms, demand for mineral resources by developed countries has fallen, while the Chinese geological exploration industry has a slight excess in capacity. And there is no clear sign of growing demand for mineral resources on the part of emerging economies represented by India, Brazil, South Africa and Russia. However, the more the industry faces difficult times, the harder it must work to improve drilling standards and expand the scope of services. The cooperation between the Institute and Atlas Copco is a testament to their confidence in the future geological exploration market and the importance they attach to improving their drilling standards. The mutually beneficial cooperation of the two partners will undoubtedly infuse new life into the industry during this difficult chapter in its history.

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