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Steady & Reliable High-efficient Energy Saving Guaranteed: Atlas Copco Helping Sifang Research Institution for Environmental Protection & Energy Saving


Qingdao Sifang Rolling Stock Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Sifang Research Institution”) belongs to China CNR Limited Liability Company that is an important supplier for key systematic technologies and products for rail automobiles in China. With the rapid development in high speed railway building in our country, Sifang Research Institution has been actively joining introduction, digestion, absorption and re-creation of key technologies of high-speed trains with its core technologies having reached the domestically leading and internationally advanced level.

Atlas Copco GA-series compressors
While it is developing the core businesses, Sifang Research Institution also participates in the energy saving and emission reduction with a positive mindset. In the late years, the Company has been effectively launching the policies for environmental and career health and safety featuring in “safety, health, greenness, law-observance and creation” that relies on weeding out backward productive capacities and techniques and adopting advanced technologies to drastically reduce energy consumption. Atlas Copco, air source controller for production and operation of Sifang, is a big contributor for energy saving.

In 2007, Sifang Research Institution got into first contact with Atlas Copco Corporation. At that time, in order to satisfy the continuous destructive test the Company independently purchased an GA18 oil-injection helical-lobe compressor of Atlas Copco that showed significant impression with its stability and reliability during operation. In the same year, Atlas Copo stood out from the auction runners with its brilliant products’ performance and outstanding designing schemes that impressed the project principal once again.

“After using many international famous branded air compressor, we got a clear comparison: Atlas Copco shows brilliant performance in terms of covering scope of products, stability of products, energy consumption performance and prior and post sales services.” Cui Yongxiang, senior engineer in industrial garden office of Qingdao Sifang Automobile Research Institution Co., Ltd evaluates it as so.

By far, Sifang has 13 Atlas Copco GA-series compressors on operation used mainly for operation, test and experiment of plants and manufacturing workshops. Several superiorities of GA series products can mainly reflect that the designing of durability and compactness of the handpicked shafts and asymmetrical screw rotor modelled lines designed by Copco Atlas help extend the use life of structure and unit and thus help validly improve the reliability of the system. Through actual application of Sifang in the past few years, its steady operation and low maintenance rate further reflect the reliable qualities and super-long duration of air compressors branded Atlas Copco.

Atlas Copco Helping Sifang Research Institution for Environmental Protection & Energy Saving
In the late years with the vigorous launching of relevant policies on energy saving and emission reduction, Sifang Research Institution also makes efforts in the field with active postures while optimization of air compressor, an important dynamic equipment in the production & manufacturing link, becomes their prior task. The reason why Atlas Copco can become a major supplier for air compressor is that Sifang is largely related with the its features for energy saving: taking GA frequency-conversion series products as an example, with integration as the designing concept, this products integrates frequency-converter, electromotor and compressor into one while such designing can help the company save 25% of energies to the maximum. After calculations, on the use of Atlas Copco products, Sifang can realize a direct saving of energies by over 25%, so the economic proceeds are considerable.

Other than qualities in products and the superiorities in energy saving, after-sales services of Atlas Copco also win favor of Sifang. “In November, 2011, one air compressor branded Atlas Copco was broken due to maintenance causes and it was one week after the maintenance duration was due. In order to ensure our output, Atlas Copco initiatively provides to us a backup machine to solve our extreme urgencies”. When speaking of after-sales services, Lee, Vice General Manager, said: “the response speed and individualization of Atlas Copco extend its professional qualities”. 

“As the top-grade supplier for compressor worldwide, we have been focusing on the development of production and manufacturing realms, which would allow us to help more customers”. Dong Shuyang, a sales engineer in IAT Department of Atlas Copco indicates: “under the macro environment of energy saving and emission reduction, we would actively transmit the concept of life cycle cost to our customers and thus help them reach the goal of emission reduction with more constructive views.”

Other than Sifang Research Institution, compressors of Atlas Copco are also widely used in medical manufacturing, food processing etc. Atlas Copco has been sticking to promoting the extensive application of new products in each realm. Meanwhile, Atlas Copco takes the providing of best air solving scheme as its own mission and provides equipment and products featuring high qualities and energy saving so that greater values shall be created for the Company.

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